Stars in Pink

A few of these stars are made every once in a while. There are now 18 of them done, each measuring 6″ from tip to tip.

The box in which the pieces reside is almost empty. There are only 12 stars left to make and then I can free this box up for another project.

At the rate I’m going on a few of these smaller projects, I think there may be a flurry of finishes over the next while. Scrappy Star and the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt remain at the top of the list but sometimes it’s nice to work on a small project. A pink star wall hanging sounds like it might just fill the bill.

There’s an idea nagging away at me to make a quilt using a purple batik and … well, the and isn’t quite yet decided but that would mean another in the series of two-colour quilts I want to make. I may play with that this weekend for a bit to see if I have anything on hand that works as the other colour.

Today is a big day in the household. It’s Mr. Q.O.’s birthday. The birthday bears will have to come out to sing Happy Birthday to him.

It was incredibly mild here yesterday, definitely felt like spring. But very windy. Baxter was up on the windowsill repeatedly. Later on, he was resting up in his chair.

12 thoughts on “Stars in Pink

  1. Happy Birthday to Mr QO, but where is the picture of the CAKE???

    Speaking of Baxter and HIS chair…Teddy has a quilt of his own for HIS chair……….


  2. Happy Birthday Mr QO!

    It sounds like you will have a series of small quilts to lay out on the grass for photos at the beginning of summer. It’s good to have a goal time for finishes; it’s really helping me.


  3. Looking forward to new shining stars on your blog! Happy birthday Mr. QO…love the birthday bears! Baxter…enjoy your spring windowseat…it looks like the best!
    Hugs and happy sitching! Thank you for your post…quite enjoyable as usual!


  4. Happy Birthday Mr. Q.O.!!!~ Thank you for all of your beautiful photos and for taking such good care of Cathi. I hope you get to do something special today. I love the little bear music box (?). Adorable! Baxter is ready to party… 🙂


  5. OH!~ Forgot to say how lovely these little stars are!~ got so excited over the birthday! lol Very pretty fabrics. You are so organized. I got a little container the other day that looks like a book with a magnetic closure and thought of you…


  6. Pretty stars… ohhhh so pretty. I love the idea of purple. wow! That would be great. Happy Birthday to Mr. Q.O. Yippie. A birthday. Can we have cake? BTW, super pic of the Baxter man.


  7. Belated Happy Birthday to Mr Q.O. 🙂
    These pink stars are oh so pretty!! Looking forward to seeing how you set them.
    Did someone mention cake? LOL…

    Have a great weekend and nose rubs to Kitty Baxter!! Ellyx


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