Gifted Blocks and a Gift of Orchids

I’ve blogged about these blocks before that were given to me by a good friend, but now I feel I have enough experience with the sewing machine to set them together successfully. There are a stack of these blocks that will finish at 7.75″.

And a stack of these, which also finish at 7.75″. As well, I was given a lot of the fabric that was used to make them. I’m going to play with some setting ideas over the next few days. They were foundation pieced on muslin so it’s going to be a heavy quilt and one which I will have to figure out how to machine quilt.

Last night, Mr. Q.O. took the garbage down the hall and came back with a pot of orchids. One of our neighbours gave it to us. The instructions on its care seem rather odd to me. It says to water the plant by giving it 3 ice cubes once a week. Three ice cubes? I would have thought that would shock the poor plant. If any of you have grown orchids successfully and have some hints, please share. I’d love to keep this plant growing and hopefully flowering.

There are some buds on it that look very close to opening. I love the colour of the flowers. Such a wonderful pink, my favourite colour.

Baxter’s look says it all, “An orchid? Yummy!” We have it well out of his reach.

12 thoughts on “Gifted Blocks and a Gift of Orchids

  1. You are up to the challenge of setting the “gift” blocks into an enchanting quilt top, though I agree that the muslin extra layer will give you a bit of “ahh” moment in the effort! Can’t wait to see what transpires. The orchid is so lovely and the ice cube
    watering method interesting. Perhaps it is more an exacting and slow method of watering instead of about the cold? What a fascinating new endeavor to add to your resume…orchid grower! ;-)))) What a rascal Baxter has become…to even
    think he might “sample” the radiant orchid…even for play!!!! Let the fun begin,
    can’t wait for your next post!


  2. I tried an orchid once and it died as I expected. As soon as the flower died the plant followed shortly after. I have heard that you either have a knack for them or you don’t. The ice cube trick is something I had not heard – but because ice melts slowly I would think the plant doesn’t need a drenching of water. I wish you good luck with the plant – I love them and sometimes think of giving them another try but we travel off and on and so when my last house plant died last year I thought no more.


  3. I have an orchid which I water the same way (per it’s instructions). It hasn’t bloomed again, but it has stayed alive for over a year, which is an achievement for me and I admit, sometimes I even forget the ice! Your orchid is lovely–as are the quilt blocks–they’ll make a great quilt!


  4. My SIL had great luck with an orchid that lived on her kitchen counter above her dishwasher. She thought the humidity was good for it. I now live in a very dry area of Colorado, and I grow lots of orchids & have good luck with them. I keep several of mine near the dishwasher, and always try to stop the cycle before dry. I pull the orchids near the edge of the counter and open the door a bit and let the hot steam wash over them. I have not heard the ice cube trick (sounds interesting). I tend to drench mine at least once a week and make sure the saucers are pretty full (because of the low humidity here–it’s 8-12% at noon in the summers). This type you have will bloom for 2-3 months and then you will have to wait until next year for the next bloom stalk (sometimes you get 2-3 stalks at a time). You just have to be patient while it’s kind of ugly, and love it anyway.


  5. We house sit for a friend with an orchid in his kitchen. The ice cube method is one he told us about, and that orchid has been alive and well and blooming for AGES! I thought it was a strange method, but it works!
    LOVE the blocks, but then – I always love your work!


  6. Beautiful blocks. Luscious. …you won’t believe this but I also happen to have a good bit of that fabric. Daphanie. 🙂


  7. I have great luck with orchids! I let them dry out completely before watering. However, we do live in the south. I mist them in between with water in a spay bottle. You can do that almost daily~they LOVE it. You just don’t want the dirt to stay too wet for too long, or it will get a mold/fungus in the roots. If you think about it, they grow in a rainforest, which is very cold at night and is humid.I have a friend who keeps them in her bathroom on the back of her garden tub, she has a window there. She mists them every day. I’d put it by the window or where it can get light .It will last for MONTHS!~ I have had them for years. You can fertilize it monthly too, there’s an orchid food fertilizer. Oh!~ I’d water it with luke warm rain water, that is what I’ve done. I just put it in the sink when it dries out and give it a luke warm shower. I’d take it out of the pot, if it does not drain and is in a separate container where you can do that, when you water it and let it drain well before putting back. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle the leaves, blooms and all when you water it. Oh gosh, I could go on and on about these beauties!~ LOVE them! Looks like you have a beautiful Phalaenopsis! Very sweet of Mr. Q.O.

    Love the blocks too! wow! gorgeous fabrics and pattern. Can’t wait to see what you do with them!


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