Beginnings of New Projects

These three fabrics, along with two layer cakes of Fresh Squeezed, are the inspiration for a couple of new projects. They were a Christmas gift from a good friend and have, ever since I opened the package, been out where I can see them and start planning the first of the new quilts that will be made with them. These bright cheerful fabrics are the perfect antidote to winter’s grey skies and cold temperatures.

The yardage and one of the layer cakes are washed, a neutral has been chosen so all that’s left is to decide which design to make first.

Baxter on the windowsill. Yesterday was a very windy and cold day and was snowing on and off but nothing that stayed on the ground. So far he doesn’t seem interested in the snow at all.

11 thoughts on “Beginnings of New Projects

  1. Oh they are just gorgeous! and you’re right they are a wonderful antidote to the grey skies and gale force winds outside. (we have our lights on all day at the moment).. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.
    I hope you had a good Christmas. Bunnyhugs to kitty Baxter, who is looking as adorable as ever, hugs Ellyx


  2. I can imagine that you will come up with a very nice quilt with that great looking fabric!
    No snow here in Nebraska! Temps have been in the 50’s and the forecast is at least the 40’s the next two weeks. No snow???? Fine with me!
    My cats ae chasing leaves rather than snowflakes!
    Baxter sure isn’t a kitten anymore, so grown up now!


  3. I can’t wait to see the what you make! You are so right, these will brighten up your winter days and then you will have a summer picnic blanket ready! 🙂
    I love Baxter, so pretty


  4. I really loved that Fresh Squeezed when it came out. I made a messenger bag for my niece out of a charm pack. It was hard to get yardage in Canada and disappeared so fast 🙂
    Happy New Year Cathi!!


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