Possible New Project

A while ago, I received this gorgeous book “Art of the Needle” with 100 masterpiece quilts from the Shelburne Museum. The photography of the quilts is fabulous. I’ve spent hours pouring over it and am now daydreaming about another 2-colour quilt.

I’ve had this brown print in my stash for ages and am playing with the idea of making the two-colour quilt with it and a cream. Whether I’ll actually do so is another story as I’m not sure I’ll be able to stick with it. Brown isn’t a colour I gravitate to, although I do love the design on the fabric.

Baxter was at the vet yesterday afternoon for a check-up and his shots. I’m not sure, but think he was perhaps not too impressed with that whole experience and was trying to tell us so with this look.

8 thoughts on “Possible New Project

  1. Lol! I’m sure he isn’t too fussed about his visit…just look at the poor putty cat!!! Oh it’s for his good! Lol… Now about that lovely brown fabric; DO IT!!! It would be so gorgeous with different shades of creams for a two tone quilt. You’ll probably find some more shades of browns in your stash…heheheheh! I recently had the opportunity to visit the Shelburne Museum and the quilts are PHENOMENAL!! STUNNING!!! in person. Drunkard’s Path would look lovely in your brown pallet!!! just saying…grin! Have fun with whatever you decide to make of it…it’s gorgeous fabric in the picture, I can imagine how gorgeous it is in person!


  2. I agree, brown is not my color of choice…but it sure works well when accented with other brights! Yes, I’d guess you are low on Baxter’s list today…imagine you’ll get the cold shoulder (or paw) much of today! At least until treat time! ;-))) Happy stitching!


  3. I can’t wait to see what you make Cathi! Your fabric is very interesting, wonderful possibilities! You are great at choosing fabrics! This photo of Baxter makes me laugh. He is NOT a happy camper. lol I bet he enjoys going for a ride though. I’m sure you gave him a yogurt treat when you got home and all was forgotten. And forgiven. tee hee


  4. Oh Dear! You’re off the team and in the dog house by the look on Baxter’s face, LOL… poor kitty having nasty jabbies and proddies but they are for his good.

    Looking forward to seeing what you make with the brown fabric. And needless to say my eye went straight to the appliquéd bunny on the book, LOL… Hugs Ellyx


  5. very interesting fabric is the pattern repeat very large? The cream will make the brown stand out very well. Baxter’s look is the usual one for needles. Bess was very affectionate on the way home from the echocardigram – lots of head bumping the cage and purring and waughing poor baby.Interesting thing they are all tense on the trip there but relax on the trip home.


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