Help Needed Finding Fabric

When I started the red and white feathered star/sunflower blocks, I thought I probably had enough of the white on white but wasn’t really worried about it as it seemed to be a staple WOW fabric at the LQS. That was, as it turns out, a silly assumption on my part and I had totally under-estimated just how much I’d need.

Over the past few months, the owner of the LQS has been trying her best to find me more of this particular white on white but hasn’t been having any success. Now I’m thinking that perhaps it’s out of print and my only hope is going to be that someone has it in their stash and is willing to part with it or knows of a store that has it in stock. I’ve put some of the other white on whites that I have next to it and they are just not going to work — the difference is quite obvious.

This picture is really only for scale with the penny on it as the colour isn’t quite right, although white on white is next to impossible to properly photograph anyway. It’s a very small-scale all-over print.

This picture is a bit closer as far as the tone of the white on white goes. It’s made by Santee Print Works and is what I think of as a very icy white on white. There’s almost a bit of a shimmer to it, although it’s not a metallic.

Six of the blocks are made but I need at least 6 more yards of it to make the remaining 7 blocks and pieced border to finish the quilt. I can use anything from FQ size on up, so if you can help and/or know where I can find this fabric please let me know!

Baxter was resting after another busy day on the windowsill, watching the squirrels and birds and falling leaves. We’re not sure what he was calculating, but his paw was firmly planted on the calculator.

13 thoughts on “Help Needed Finding Fabric

  1. Cathi..
    What I might do, is take a little sample of the fabric and send it to Santee Print Works and see if they can match the fabric or at least the color of the white/white for you. Here is where they show their white/whites….but it is HARD to see the exact designs on the fabric. (I had to tip my laptop to see them)
    I was thinking your fabric looks close to the 13th sample…#14 show it on a creamy color, which shows the design a little better.
    Hope this will help you find the fabric!!!! If they can’t sell it to you, they may be able to tell you who has an inventory of the fabric!


    • oops…link didn’t get you to the exact page. So, click on “Stock Goods” tab at top of page. Then “Fabric Swatch Gallery”….click next until you get to last page….then “Collection B”…..then you will be at the page I intended you to be on. Sorry, just did an “copy/paste” of address bar and it didn’t take you to a specific page. 🙂


  2. How frustrating to run low/out of a hard to find fabric! Good luck, I’m sure there is some lurking out there with your name on it! Baxter is quite clever…I’m sure he is keeping tally of the birds/squirrels! Hopefully he isn’t tallying your quilting costs…
    and planning to reprimand the span between this expense and is treats/toys! 😉


  3. I went through a similar thing last year trying to find more of a white on white print. I found one that was close to what I needed and bought 4 yards and wouldn’t you know it, the following week I found the exact match.

    I looked at a lot of white on white prints but I think I remember that shimmery white on white at Kellys Quilt shop in Warrenton, Va. They have a blog, maybe they can help you.

    Good Luck!! ttfn 🙂 Yuki


  4. I went through all my stash (whew!) and sorry, I don’t have any of it.
    It happens to me, too! Just when you think you have enough or it will always be there….
    That’s quite a calculating kitty you have there!


  5. Great idea to post this Cathi. I think you will find more, I know a lot of folks will look for you. Love this photo of Baxter and I agree with Archie the Wonder Dog… lol


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