Scrappy Little Stars

These stars are the beginning of a quilt requested by Mr. Q.O.  He really likes the look of these reproduction fabrics, it seems. I’ve got a couple of ideas for setting these and once i get a dozen or so done I’ll start playing with that.

They press very easily. To ensure whatever layout I end up using will be easy to put together, I’m going to make sure that I press all the stars the same way.

There’s a stack of fabrics ready to print the diamonds from the free Inklingo collection and, once printed and cut, this will be yet another quilt in a box. The freezer paper is ready to iron on the fabric and I’ll print 10 or 12 sheets every day until they’re all done. Then the fun will begin as I want to try to ensure that no two stars are identical. And yes, there’s a lot of fabric there ready to be printed. There will likely be enough for a few little quilts as well.

Baxter is very nocturnal. He tends to wake up around midnight and is awake and wanting to play until just before dawn. So during the late afternoon/early evening he finds a comfy spot and snoozes.

12 thoughts on “Scrappy Little Stars

  1. Hi Cathi! Beautiful stars and great colours! Baxter is so sweet! Our Nelli likes to sleep all the day and at night she goes out for hunting!
    xxx Teje


  2. I could see why repro fabrics would appeal to a man with their darker or muted colors. These little stars will make a great lap quilt for him. I hope Baxter doesn’t think his people should be up playing with him in the middle of the night LOL.



  3. Mr Q.O. picked out some great fabrics! I like the dark choices!
    Baxter should just be considered the night watchman, making sure nothing goes wrong in the night (but better make sure all the fabric is locked up for the night so he doesn’t decide to chew all night)! 🙂


  4. What is it with cats…..why don’t they keep regular hours? One of ours sleeps all evening and wakes up, bright eyed and bushy tailed, just when we are ready to go to bed. Love the little stars!


  5. The scrappy stars are WONDERFUL! I think they would make really cool kissmas tree ornaments, but they have a higher calling, of course: a quilt! xxoo Patty & Bhu

    P.S. We think that Baxter will eventually outgrow his nocturnal preference and start sleeping all day AND all night, just like Bhu.


  6. Oh i LOVE the scrappy little stars and what a deliciously cute Baxter!…I need to get caught up on all of your projects and also to see what Baxter has been up to because my hard drive pooped out on me and have not been able to follow your posts for quite a few weeks now 😦 quilt obsession withdrawals is not a pretty sight hahahaha Annie


  7. Baxter is up guarding your work at night. Can’t let those quilt fairies get out of hand! As, you surely must have an entire village of them living at your lovely home. You are amazing!~I go away for a while and come back to find enormous works of beauty by you. I can not believe it’s been 4 months since you brought Baxter home! Your blog is a true measurement of what can be done in a short period of time. Very motivational!


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