Little Stars

The Little Stars quilt is quilted and bound and ready to go to its intended recipient. It is small, finishing at approximately 13″. It was so easy to baste, quilt and bind that it makes me think about doing a series of small quilts.

When I checked on the bindings I had already made, I found the green which seemed to work just perfectly for the little quilt. I tend to make more binding than I need and so now have a stash of bindings that can be used on little quilts.

Saturday the perfect opportunity presented itself and I got this shot of one of Baxter’s paws.

This is a new spot for Baxter to stretch out. I think it’s because he’s eyeing the book as a chewing possibility.

16 thoughts on “Little Stars

  1. Do you purposely make bindings ahead of time? Are you using left over fabric from other projects? Love this little quilt :0)



  2. Your little star quilt is adorable!!! And a great idea for wee gifts.

    Hmmm I bet you moved that book, LOL… if it were my bunny sitting there I surely would have… bunny smooches to Baxter the adorable one!


  3. Ok, I am “kitty deficient”! I didn’t know kitty’s chewed. I bet the sharp little teeth are piercing. Baxter is becoming very regal looking. You should frame the paw pix or do a growth chart with his paws. I love your scrappy little stars.


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