Playing with Fabric

One of my favourite things to do is to lay out groups of fabrics.  I may not have a specific idea what they will get used in, but I love to put groups like these together. Sometimes just looking at the groupings will be enough to give me an idea for a design they’ll work well in.  This bundle will end up in a quilt I’m going to call Spice, I think.  No idea yet on design or even when I’ll start to play with them, but they’re grouped together now and set aside and the photo is in my inspiration folder.

This is another grouping, although I can’t take credit for it.  It was put together like this — and it’s one that I can’t stop gazing at.  The ideas for this are numerous, although I still haven’t settled on one.

Then I thought I’d try the butterfly print with some more muted hand-dyed fabrics.

Finally, I put the brighter fabrics with the hand-dyed ones to see how they would play together.

The photos are all in a folder on my computer and I will, at times, open one of them and leave it open on my screen so that I can look at it periodically throughout the day.   A digital camera and computer screen are fabulous design tools!

It’s the beginning of our Victoria Day long weekend here and finally, after what seems like a week of non-stop rain, we have some sun today.  I don’t know if it will last all day, but waking up to sunshine was a wonderful treat after days and days of grey skies and rain.

Smudge has been ensuring that his kitty toys don’t get too far away.  Lately almost every time we look at him in his kitty bed, he has a paw stretched out to touch the toy basket.

11 thoughts on “Playing with Fabric

  1. Too many ideas out there! 🙂 I am really feeling that the other projects are going by the wayside and something else will appear soon on the horizon! Keeps things interesting, though. I love those hand dyed, they are to die for! No pun intended……
    Smudge is so cute!


  2. I have learned SO much frrom following your blog Cathi! Great idea to do that with your computer…
    Glad Smudge is feeling better.
    You find the most gorgeous fabrics!!!!


  3. I love to do the same with fabrics. I usually pull a bunch for a project and then spend several days deciding if I like them together or not.

    I LOVE the more muted fabrics with the butterflies–I think they allow the butterfly fabric to shine whereas the brights tend to fight with it.


  4. It is so cool that you have fabrics collected for a project, but all you know about it is the name! Look forward to seeing how the spice collection develops into a quilt!
    I love the butterflies with the bold bright colours, but that’s what I seem to gravitate to.


  5. I really enjoyed your post…recently I’ve been toying with the idea of sorting my stash into groupings…to an extent I’ve already started.. putting plaid in one place and pretty soft florals in another.


  6. That’s a cool idea–to take photos of the groupings and put them in a folder. I’ve grouped fabric together before, and stuck them in a baggie and by the time I find them again, I don’t remember what I had in mind.


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