Stitching Book

There was a box containing various applique blocks which I knew I wasn’t going to set into a quilt.  So they sat and sat and sat.  I finally decided to use them to make some large stitching books.  This one took two of the large applique blocks.  I added some batting, a backing, did some machine cross-hatch stitching, bound it and then cut 2 large pieces of batting which, when folded in half, turn into the pages of the stitching book and will be perfect to hold pieces of a block laid out ready to stitch.

Smudge was determined to inspect both the front and back of the stitching book.

The batting works well to hold the pieces of a block and, when closed, there’s no worry about them getting lost.  When laying out a block like a Feathered Star or Sunflower for hand piecing, having a book like this is helpful.  A friend who does much more machine piecing than I do assures me that a book like is helpful for machine piecers as well.

Smudge was curled up, having a nap Sunday afternoon.  We’ve found some different cat foods that he’s willing to eat.

18 thoughts on “Stitching Book

  1. Great to have you back! That is a great way to use those applique blocks! With all of the partial projects I have going, I would need 15 of those books.:) So many projects and not enough time!
    Good to see Smudge helping with the quilting ideas!


  2. Dear Smudge,

    You’re doing an excellent job of inspecting the stitching book. That cross-hatching is nothing short of amazing. Do the soft pages inside look like they might be comfy for a cat to snuggly on? Just wondering because I know you’re a very snuggly cat. I think its very important to have your feedback so thanks for putting forth the effort you good cat you!!!


  3. Great idea….yes, machine piecers like to lay out the pieces of some blocks too. Pretty applique blocks! Good to see Smudge helping you out, some projects need a kitty’s touch.


  4. I’ve seen you mention these before, I rekcon I will have to make one now. Does the fibre of the batting matter? I’ve been using quilters dream of late 🙂


  5. Welcome back Cathi! What a clever idea, knew there was something that would make keeping the pieces handy for each block…and make good use of those orphan blocks lingering in boxes! Hugs, I know it still hurts…so glad you have Smudge to cheer you on and snuggle!


  6. Those are beautiful applique blocks! I think that to be a good idea. I’m in the process of making myself a stitching journal from wool. It’s a pattern from Maggie Bonanomi. I really love this idea!


  7. Hi Cathi…a stitching book,what a great idea!…Love the applique flower front…Smudge looks as if he’s a big helper 🙂 I can understand with the kitty food…I have my maine coon Gaby over here that keeps me on my toes with the food situation…what she likes one day will not be guaranteed as satisfactory the next!…Blessings…Annie


  8. Good to see you back and Smudge too 🙂
    These are beautiful blocks Cathi and what a great way to use them up. Thank you for the tut on how to make them, I’m thinking I’ll have to make one for myself too 🙂 They would be great gifts too.
    Bunny kisses to Smudge, Ellyx


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