Feathered Star

The block was finished Tuesday evening and I’m thrilled with it.  Now to decide if I try to rush and make it into a table topper for this year or make this the first of 9 blocks and a start on a Christmas quilt for us.  I’m leaning towards taking my time, making the remaining blocks and having a Christmas quilt.

Heirloom cotton thread is one of my favourites for hand piecing.  When putting the arcs together for the Pickled Ladies, I use black thread.  The black heirloom thread seems to break much more easily than any other colour, which leads me to wonder if the black dye somehow weakens the thread.  Have you ever run into a particular thread colour that tends to break more easily than others?

I’ve done no baking yet for Christmas.  Usually I make butter tarts and a lot of different cookies as they’re great gifts to give to neighbours and friends.  I don’t think anything will get made this year but the butter tarts.  They’re fast and easy and everyone loves them so a few dozen of those will be made over the next day or two.

We got an early Christmas present on Tuesday when we took Smudge to the vet.  The jaundice is barely evident now and he has put on more weight.  He’s now up to 16.8 pounds, so only a few more to go until he’s back at his normal weight.  They gave him another antibiotic shot and he’s still on the syringe feeding, but he’s definitely on the mend.  He was relaxing Tuesday night.

Lester was napping.

22 thoughts on “Feathered Star

  1. I love the feathered star – it would make a great table topper but I think I would also be tempted to make a Christmas quilt (and would probably leave it out most of the year!). Great news about Smudge – a lovely present for Christmas!


  2. Hi Cathi,

    I’m so pleased to hear Smudge is doing so well. I love your Christmas Star. It will make a very dramatic statement however you use it. Have a great Christmas.



  3. Gorgeous feathered star…A set of 9 of them would be stunning!… a friend of mine put hers on point with sashing ad it was very pretty!

    Glad to hear Smudge is feeling better and gaining weight…a good sign!

    Have a great Christmas!


  4. Your feathered star is beautiful!! I say take your time for sure. So glad to hear about Smudge. I am sure that he is happy that you are taking such good care of him. Merry Christmas to you!


  5. Cathi, that is just beautiful and you whipped that up quickly!
    I would take your time and make the quilt. What a beautiful quilt that will be.
    I can’t wait to get started on mine!

    Merry Christmas!!


  6. Dazzling block, done good! I vote with majority…a whole quilt with this block would be stunning! Wonderful to hear Smudge is continuing to mend…hoping the new year will be a healthy one for him…and all in your house! Happy stitching!


  7. So glad to hear “our” Smudge is doing so much better!!!!
    Black thread, no matter the brand, is weaker than other colors. I believe it is made up of all the colors of the spectrum. That is why. Someone can correct me if I am wrong. It has been a long time since my painting days. Your feathered star is magnificent!!!!!! Our weather was in the 80’s yesterday. Come on down. lol


  8. This definitely is a Christmas block, and a beautiful one.
    No matter what you decide to make it will turn out simply gorgeous.
    Good news for Smudge; an early Christmas present indeed.
    A big hello to my furry friends.


  9. A long time ago someone told me they have to boil the black thread longer to get the dye really dark. I don’t know if it is true but the black embroidery thread breaks the most often on the machine too. I have switched to poly thread when I need black.


  10. I’m so happy to hear that Smudge is on the mend. I hope he continues to get better quickly. I miss his Smudge antics 🙂 Your feathered star is beautiful. It will make a stunning Christmas quilt. Best wishes for a happy holidays from me and my kitties to you, Mr. QO, Smudge & Lester.


  11. Your Feathered Star is simply beautiful! Oh, just take your time and don’t rush yourself…. You are so good about self imposed deadlines, but goodness do you produce so much throughout the year! It’s amazing to me.
    Perhaps tke a sewing break nd go to baking? Oh, and maybe share the buttered tart recipe?!?! Lol
    I have not baked a thing! Nor have I sewn much… I plan to bake on Friday all day. Pecan pie, cookies of some type.
    I’m so relieved to hear the wonderful news of Smudges health! What a relief this must be for you both. Your christmas miracle… Continued well wishes form us.
    It’s high 60s today, as I’m sitting on the beach, I see a few bicyclers passing in Hawaiian type shorts. Its been cold, so a warm day is welcomed, will be tiring colder. Fires at night are a joy for me. Merry Christmas! Xo


  12. Oh…..what a beautiful star! Don’t rush to get it done for this year, your wrists will not thank you if you do – just take it easier and we can look forward to seeing it all done next Christmas. Smudge’s health improvement is a great present too. Butter tarts, yum….you can send a few this way if you like……


  13. The perfect block for Christmas, Cathi. I can’t wait to see how you are going to finish it. I am putting down the feather star as one of my “me” projects for next year…

    Merry Christmas!


  14. Congratulations on such a beautiful feathered star. Such precise piecing!!

    I am very pleased that smudge is almost back to his old self.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Cathi!!! 🙂


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  16. Love your feathered star Cathi. I finally decided and chose the 20″ collection too so now I’ve to decide on fabric.
    It occurred to me too that 9 blocks would make a decent quilt.
    Have you been hand stitching yours? or maybe hybrid piecing?

    So pleased Smudge has a clean bill of health! Lester looks so angelic sleeping 🙂 hugs Elly


  17. Oooo beautiful block!! I vote for taking your time, I would love to see a quilt full of these :0)

    I’m so happy ol’ Smudge is getting better and better. We all want to see him back to his old self.



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