Shopping on Friday

On Friday we went to Staples, one of our favourite stores it seems, and then to the pet store.  While Mr. Q.O. drove, I was taking pictures.  The above one is of the streets we travel along to get to Staples, just after we turned on to it.  It’s pretty even in the dead of winter because of the tree limbs.

A little further along the street.  This is one of my favourite streets in the downtown area.  The houses are all rather fascinatingly quirky.  It must be rather wonderful to live there with nothing but trees to see out one’s front windows.

We’re almost there now.

Even the parking lot at Staples is surrounded by trees.

Then we were off to the pet store.  On the way, we went along the street on which the emergency vet clinic is found.  More trees and planters out in front of buildings.

And for those buildings where there’s no room to put out a planter?  They find room somewhere on the building.

On Sunday we had thunderstorms and rain.  This was taken from our living room window as the rain was absolutely pelting down.

My plans for the weekend as far as quilt-related things went pretty well.  I didn’t quite finish piecing the blocks for the baby quilt, but only have 9 or 10 left to go.  If there’s a good baseball or soccer game on tonight, I’ll likely be able to finish those up then.  But the big accomplishment for me was that I did manage to sit down and start learning EQ.  I m so impressed with the capabilities — and that’s after barely scratching the surface.  Once I started working my way through the lessons in the manual, I was pleasantly surprised to realize it is much more intuitive than I initially thought.

I have a Mac and really dislike having to put PC-related software on it.  However, at Christmas, Mr. Q.O. found a great used PC laptop so on Saturday morning I loaded EQ on it and started.  About four hours later and I was already feeling like I could manage to design a quilt.  I’m not finished working my way through the lessons but will spend a little time each day this week on it so that I don’t lose what I’ve learned so far.

I have EQ6 and, as I hadn’t used it, I didn’t take advantage of the pre-release upgrade price for EQ7.  So for those of you out there who do have EQ7, I’d be very interested in hearing what you think are the benefits of EQ7 over EQ6.  Are there more blocks in the block library, more capabilities?  What struck you first when you started using it as being a great-to-have feature?

Smudge was quite alert on Saturday evening as he lounged about on the couch.

While Lester was catching up on some sleep.

10 thoughts on “Shopping on Friday

  1. What a wonderful walk to Staples!! We can’t do that here. We have to drive and it isn’t so pretty. I am just like you, I have a MAC and refuse to put anything PC related on it too!!


  2. Thank you for the lovely driving tour through your streets! Scenery is just grand! Glad you are mastering the EQ7, looking forward to hearing details as you progress through this learning curve. Smudge seemed intent on your progress also, but Lester must be waiting for it to come out in movie! Will be watching for baby quilt photos…!!!


  3. Loved the photos of your city. It’s sooooo pretty.

    I upgraded to EQ7 only because I always purchase the upgrades. It’s very similar to EQ6 (minus the activation issues) and most of the new things seem to be related to how to handle photos in quilts. This is something I have never done nor will ever do so I haven’t really explored it. It is as user friendly as EQ6 was.



  4. Doesn’t look like a downtown area – looks as though you are way out in the country, it’s very pretty I have succumbed and ordered EQ7, I will let you know what I think when I load it and have a play. Hello to Smudge and Lester!


  5. Cathi, your city is beautiful. I don’t say that lightly. I usually hate cities. I am a country girl, through and through, but with all of that greenery, I might even be able to survive in Toronto. LOL I have EQ6 and upgraded to EQ7. I really like it. I never used EQ6 much, but promised my hubby that I would learn more, when he bought me the upgrade for Mother’s Day. I created the simple quilts for our 3 sons-in-law on the EQ7. I love the pieced borders you can create and so far, their measurements have been right on. I like that I can take a picture of fabric and import it into the fabric library. I believe more things have been added to the libraries. To me, it was worth the upgrade. I still have a lot to learn with this program, but I am getting there. Good luck. Winona


  6. Great pics once again, it so nice to see all the trees. I also whan to the pet store this weekend, my walk was no where near this pretty.
    Little miss did enjoy meeting the animals once we got to the store, I think she may have like going there more than the zoo.


  7. I couldn’t see a lot of advantage for me to do the upgrade. On a different note, I have lost my EQ 6 books and if anyone who has moved on to EQ7 would like to sell their EQ6 books, I would be interested! 🙂


  8. Oh how pretty your city is! The photos remind me of St. Augustine, FL’s little side streets and unusual homes. Very quaint and old world charm.
    I’m so happy that you have found the time to work on your EQ, I know you’ve been wanting to do this…
    Very lovely photos of your cats also!


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