Foliage and Flowers

We had to run a few errands on Wednesday and, as Mr. Q.O. drove, I was taking pictures of the various trees and planters along Bay Street, one of the main streets in downtown Toronto.  This top one is in front of a hotel quite near us.

This is one of my least favourite parts of the city, but Mr. Q.O. really likes this photo so …

Toronto is a very green city, with lots of trees and planters out on the street, as can be seen in these.

The new grocery store was opened on Wednesday — and wow, what an improvement!!  The old store was desperately in need of renovation and new management and that’s what has happened.  The choices we now have are fabulous, the store seems much more spacious even though it’s in the same space and it is so modernized that it will be a real treat to shop there.  I used to think going downstairs to the grocery store was a bore.  While I’m sure the novelty of the new store will wear off, going downstairs to shop is going to be much more enjoyable!  We are quite spoiled in that we have the grocery store, a drugstore, electronics store, florists, post office outlet, couple of restaurants, 4 or 5 different coffee places, huge bookstore, shoe store, couple of hair salons, card/stationery store, jewellery store, luggage and leather goods stores,  clothing stores, a branch of one of the major banks, a couple of opticians, a chocolate shop, a specialty cheese shop, a furniture store, a linens and towels shop, a multi-screen theatre, dry cleaners, shoe repair and probably something else I’ve completely forgotten about in the retail mall.  During the cold winter months, it is the perfect place to live!

Lester was quite interested in something he saw out on the roof garden on Wednesday afternoon.

While Smudge was very interested in having his picture taken.

12 thoughts on “Foliage and Flowers

  1. Did I see that right? A chocolate shop? Well now I know for sure that you live in the right place. How could you possibly go wrong with a chocolate shop within walking distance… Heaven!


  2. Chocolates and cheese…..and coffee……yummm…….I agree with you, what a great place to live! Although summer had ended we noticed the trees and planters around the streets and patios when we visited.


  3. Wow! Those photos of Toronto are great! I’ve never been there and it’s really not that far for me to go:)

    You sound like you live on top of a mall!! Everything right at your fingertips:) Nice!


  4. My BIL would often travel to Toronto on business and always said it is such a pretty city. Wow I would love to live in your building!! They do need a fabric shop but a specialty cheese store is a close second in my book :0)



  5. You live on your “own island”!~ A cheese shop… sigh.
    Oh how wonderful. I’m glad that you put the photo Mr QO likes in. It is important for us to get a dose of reality. lol All of your photos are so magical. I’ve never seen such a lovely, green, clean, cultured, classy city! Have you always lived in Toronto? It must be a well run city, to keep it all up so well, as it DOES! Says a LOT in this day and age… Thanks for sharing it all with us. Have you taken your cats out on a leash yet to enjoy it?!?! tee hee. Never forget that story. lol


  6. you really do have a lot of green downtown. What do they have in the planters in the winter? Or maybe some of them are moveable and aren’t there in the winter.

    that would be nice to have so many stores close by. I hate the time it takes to drive to and from a shopping area.


  7. Well, all you need is a fabric store and you will never have to leave your home area. (grin) I guess you can just order that online. For some reason I thought you lived in Minnesota. Hmm, well, now at least I know you are in Toronto. From your pictures, it does look like a lovely city. Winona


  8. Cathi,
    I think I love Toronto it looks lovely. I wish our melbourne was that green.
    The planters all over the place look lovely and I think it is a great idea.
    The boys look to be enjoying themselves too.


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