Baby Quilt Block 1

So far 20 of the 49 of these blocks I need for the baby quilt are done.  All the pieces for these blocks are cut out and the others printed, so now it’s solely a matter of stitching them.

Monday was a monster migraine day.  I basically got nothing done and didn’t even look at EQ.  I did start to leaf through the manual but quickly put it down.  I am determined to learn it, although I have a feeling it may be the weekend before I look at it again.  This week is going to be a bit busier than I had anticipated and I know that when I do sit down to start learning the program, I want to be able to dedicate blocks of time to it rather than a hit-and-miss half hour here or there.

Smudge was curled up most of Monday.

As was Lester, but we had this photo from the weekend of him in his usual spot on the windowsill.

12 thoughts on “Baby Quilt Block 1

  1. That’s a cute block! Hope the migraine goes away and doesn’t come back, they are so debilitating. Looking at the background behind Lester – is that garden part of your building?


  2. Wow, 20 already done! You are quick! I know what you mean about the migraines. Those are the days that you just need to not do anything. Both cats look majestic in these photos.


  3. Grand start on the baby quilt! Big hugs, migraines are nasty beasts! Hope it passes soon, and Smudge & Lester give you a few extra kitty cuddles!


  4. Wow! You’ve already hand-stitched 20 of those blocks? You are quick and it is so pretty! It’s gonna be a love quilt and I can’t wait to see it!

    Hope your migraine goes away:(


  5. You are going to love EQ once you get into it! which version do you have? Love the prints you have picked out for the quilt. I had a killer migraine on Friday…know how you feel!:(


  6. So sorry to hear of your headache Cathi. I know how miserable that must be for you…
    Your block is so gosh, darned cute! Ohhhhhh…. what a FUN one this is GOING TO BE!!!! Lucky us that we get to watch it all come to life. Thank you for your wonderful blog and sharing your work with us all! 🙂


  7. Wow, Cathi! You don’t mess around when you start piecing. LOL Twenty blocks done already. The block you showed looks great. You will have this quilt together before you know it.


  8. I know it is going to be an adorable baby quilt!!!! I have EQ6 and now EQ7 and haven’t spent time to learn how to use them. Hopefully I will get focused and work on it this fall/winter.


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