Chintz Circles & My Aunt

Sunday was the big day, my aunt’s 90th birthday.  She is an absolutely amazing lady — sharp as can be and has a fabulous sense of humour.  I have the most wonderful memories of playing double solitaire with her at the cottage.  The two of us would be laughing like hyenas and my mother, who was always a sports fan, would be trying to listen to a baseball game on the radio.  She usually gave up and went out on the porch to listen to her baseball game.

The birthday party was at a golf club.  The setting was beautiful.  This was the table just before dinner began.  My aunt is sitting with her son and daughter standing on either side of her in this picture.

Between courses, my aunt was opening gifts.   I love the wide-eyed look when she saw her quilt!

The quilt was washed and dried on Sunday afternoon and it got that wonderful crinkly look.  I think if you click on this picture to enlarge it you can see the effect.

The label for the quilt, before it was appliqued on to the back:

The best part? I know my aunt will use the quilt.  I enjoyed making that quilt and knowing it will be used makes every hand stitch and the fabric wrestling, aka machine quilting, a real labour of love.

There was some big news at the party on Sunday.  There will be a new addition to the family in February, and I’m planning a quilt now.   I’ve got a few ideas floating around in my mind, but no definite plan.

Looking out the window of the dining room, Mr. Q.O. got this shot of a cardinal.

My hands/wrists are definitely somewhat better, so starting today I will get caught up on replying to comments and will finally be able to start visiting blogs and leaving comments.  Monday is a holiday here in Ontario and we’re about to head back into high heat and humidity.  After Saturday, when 70 felt cold, I look forward to the warmth again.

Smudge, generally speaking, ignores cat toys.  But there is one which he absolutely loves.  A friend sent the kitties what we call the caterpillar or “Cappy”.  They have been playing with one for a few years but it was starting to look pretty worn out so we finally broke out the second one.  Every evening Smudge will suddenly start playing with it, so we’ve now dubbed it “Cappy Hour”.  The other night he had both the old and new ones.

Lester was in his usual windowsill position on the weekend.

29 thoughts on “Chintz Circles & My Aunt

  1. Cathi, that photo of your Aunt upon seeing her quilt is priceless. Bet it was music to your heart. Love the label. What a fabulous day you must’ve all had and such wonderful memories being made. Thank you for sharing them with us all.
    hugs Elly


  2. How wonderful!! I am sure it was her favorite gift too! Doesn’t it make you feel so good that she now has it? My mother in law’s birthday was also yesterday. She was 84. Looks like you all had a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing the new little quilt that you will be making for the newest addition to the family.


  3. Oh Cathi,
    That is the sweetest thing. I love the pictures of your aunt and what a lovely lady. It brought tears to my eyes to see her expression when she got to open your quilt….and it is gorgeous. I love the look it gets after being washed. What a blessing you gave to her as I know she has blessed your life.
    Thank you so much for sharing that joy with us:)


  4. What a perfect final chapter for the Chintz Circles story! So happy that she will actually use it too! Wonderful! Caterpillar toys for kitties look interesting. Had not seen these before. Glad your hands/wrists are a bit better…! Fun to think of planning a new baby quilt…know what you’ll be doing today!


  5. What a lovely relationship you have with your aunt. it is clear from the other comments that you have inspired several of us. By telling about it on your blog, you have included us all. A beautiful quilt and a beautiful story.


  6. Oh, Cathi, that picture of Aunty and her quilt is worth a thousand words. How amazing! 🙂 Congrats on the new member of the family. How awesome. The quilt really turned out gorgeous. Well done, Cathi. I am sure that seeing her reaction was worth all the quilt wrestling and all those long months of stitching. I hope you take care of your wrists and go easier for a while. Thank you so much for sharing such a joyous occasion with us! Happy Birthday Aunty B.!!!


  7. What a lovely party! So pleased your aunt loves her quilt, she would know that every stitch was put in with love. Our cats have never been much for playing with toys, but since we moved our 13YO kitty has discovered how much fun playing with a table tennis ball on a tiled floor can be.


  8. Photo taken at exactly the right moment!! That look upon her face is worth sooooo much, isn’t it?! And the fact you know she will be using it, heart warming!! The quilt looks gorgeous Cathi!! You have done an absolutely great job making it!! Have fun thinking of the next project quilt for the newcomer in the family hihi! Take care, hugs, Daniëlle


  9. Beautiful quilt for a beautiful lady! I’m sure she will just love it. I don’t think it ever got as low as 70 here in Windsor, it was a muggy kind of day. Today is so hot I can’t bear to be out and I have to work tomorrow delivering mail and it’s supposed to be worse than today. I should have taken more summer vacation. What was I thinking?


  10. I’ve said before that this quilt is beautiful but.. seeing it all finished now it is truly gorgeous! Your Aunt’s look of surprise makes it all worth it I’m sure. What an incredible, loving gift.


  11. Gosh, your clamshells are drop-dead gorgeous! The colors are mouthwatering.

    What a lovely gift you gave your much loved aunt. I bet your present was her favorite.

    If you want heat, you need to come on down here, where we are “enjoying” 100 plus Farenheit. Want to swap? Michele


  12. What a very happy ending (or beginning) to a lovely quilt. It is so beautiful and she’s very precious. I had an auntie I loved so much. I miss her. I would have loved to have given her a quilt.


  13. The expression on your aunt’s face says it all, Cathi.

    What a perfect ending to your journey of making this special quilt…especially since you were able to capture and share that moment with us.


  14. What a true gift of love for your aunt! You do absolutely stunning work and I can’t believe how much you get done–especially hand piecing with wrist problems! Amazing!


  15. Oh Cathi, how wonderful it was to follow the journey of this quilt with you! I am in love with your aunt! She’s just so vivacious and beautiful! I know she is enjoying her new quilt and the bright, happy fabrics that you so carefully chose. Each stitch, lovingly stitched just for her…
    What a gorgeous golf course and dining room and the photos are amazing. A magical day, indeed.
    Thank you for sharing this special day with all of us.


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