Chintz Circles Top Finished

Saturday night I took the last stitch and the piecing of the Chintz Circles top was complete.   The backing is washed, the batting ready.  Issues with my hands started again on Saturday, so pressing of the backing and the final pressing of the top before basting will have to wait a few days.  I’m hoping to get it basted at some point this week and then do the quilting on the weekend.  It will have to be machine quilting as I absolutely need to finish it on time which won’t allow any wiggle room for hand quilting and hand problems.   As soon as the quilting is done and the binding is on, the quilt will be going for a photo shoot.  One of our friends is a professional photographer who has generously agreed to take a couple of shots of Chintz Circles.

Oddly, I felt almost lost for a few minutes when that last stitch was taken and the top was done.  It didn’t last long because I have more than enough projects on the go.  Now it’s a matter of choosing on which one on I want to focus next.   Will it be Summer Picnic Dish, POTC, the Harpsichord Quilt, the Drunkard’s Path baskets, Storm at Sea, the Drunkard’s Path in Rouenneries, one of the clamshell projects?  Who knows!!  I’m still deciding.  Sunday night I spent some time sorting through the pieces I have left from Chintz Circles.  Choosing fabrics for our Spring Circles quilt will be something I will work on slowly throughout the summer.

We had a glorious weekend with lots of lovely warmth and brilliant sun.  The flowers on the roof garden are thriving.

Very early Sunday morning, before the sun even had come up, I could hear a bird singing away.  I think perhaps a mockingbird has taken up residence on the roof garden again this summer.  The morning doves are back.  They haven’t been here for a few years.  I love hearing them.  Still no squirrels, though.

Lester spent a fair bit of time on the windowsill over the weekend.  There’s a lot for him to watch right now, although in this picture he’s looking into the living room.

Smudge, on the other hand, was having a lazy Sunday afternoon nap.

24 thoughts on “Chintz Circles Top Finished

  1. Your quilt has turned out beautifully! I know what you mean about feeling a little bereft when a project is finished, or nearly so…..we put a certain amount of ourselves in each project, don’t we?
    Lovely pics of the boys too!


  2. Wow, it is beautiful and she is just going to love it!! I sure hope that all your hand problems will resolve themselves over the next few days. That way you can get back to some serious sewing. The roof garden looks fabulous!! I can see why Lester is enjoying sitting on the sill.


  3. Your quilt is just gorgeous! I am so sorry to hear that your hands are giving you troubles. I really hope they mend soon. Hand piecing and hand quilting are such a pleasure. Take good care of yourself:)



  4. How exciting that the top is done! Yes, give your hands a rest and machine quilting will be just fine on this one.

    I know that feeling when something is finished. It is like a good friend has just left.


  5. Oh I really like this quilt. I have thought of doing something for our bed in that sort of palette but….. Your aunt will be thrilled.
    I am sorry you are having hand problems…they can be so limiting. I can empathize…I have overused mine this weekend and the right especially is buzzing and hurts.


  6. Oh Cathi, this is beautiful and offers such a look of “texture” that I hadn’t anticipated. I want to run my hands across it. I can’t imagine how it’s going to feel to your Aunt.

    As always, sending good healing vibes, *karendianne.


  7. Congratulations!~! Great news! I’m so happy for you to be finished with this project, as I know time is fast approaching for you to present it as a gift to your Aunt. It’s so beautiful!!!! I’m so proud of you for this huge accomplishment! I hope you have a special bottle of wine to open and celebrate. 🙂
    Lovely photos… XO


  8. It looks wonderful! If Auntie doesn’t like it, I’ll be more than happy to give it a good home… 😉 Your color palette in this quilt is so soft and wonderful. If I knew I could pick fabrics as well, I’d be tempted to do one like yours. Can’t wait now to see it with the quilting done. Hope your hands will soon feel better. Hugs


  9. *** sigh ****

    Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!

    Finishing is a bittersweet part of the experience, and thank you for sharing your process, good and bad, all along the way. I somehow feel a part of this quilt, admiring it from its infancy and through trials, tribulations and changes.

    I would say to you to rest up your hands, but I suspect that you have not, and are already up to something! : D

    ~ Ronda


  10. Wow — it turned out so well. I love the sherbety summer colors. I can hardly believe how quickly you made this quilt, and now I’m anxious to see how you’re going to quilt it. Fabulous work, Cathi!


  11. The Chintz Circles are just so beautiful!!!! Can hardly wait to see the “frosting” on the cake when you quilt them! Lovely!


  12. Oh I’m so enjoying getting caught up with you. The photos of the kitties are darling. Lester with that toy is so cute. This quilt is quite amazing. Just so beautiful. You do such incredible work. I’m always in awe.


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