Final Row Started

Row 6 is attached, the first block of the final row is done and the pieces are ready to stitch for the remaining 6 blocks.   The block hasn’t been pressed yet as I wait until all the blocks for a row are completed before pressing.   It was quite windy on Thursday so there was no chance of getting a photo of the top as it now is on the roof garden.  Hopefully that will be accomplished this weekend. I’m thinking of renaming the quilt Chintz Beauties.

The weekend is going to be busy with errands and doing some rearranging.  Bookshelves need straightening up and some furniture rearrangement may be in the plans.

Lester doesn’t much care as long as he has a soft spot to curl up.

While Smudge is only interested in whether it’s treat time.

9 thoughts on “Final Row Started

  1. By any name, it’s a beauty! I’m having a Lester day! Could be pursuaded to perk up for treats though! I think it may be the result of too much rainy weather, which is perfect for sewing!


  2. wow Cathi you’re really motoring now……not much futher to go! You’re aunt is going to adore this quilt & I’m looking forward to seeing it all assembled.


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