Bloggers’ Spring 2010 Quilt Festival

Nothing like waiting till the very last minute but I finally chose a quilt to show in Amy’s fabulous online Quilt Festival.  I’ve shown this baby quilt on my blog before, but decided to show it again for the Festival.  It was hand pieced and machine quilted and is made of stars along with embroidered hexagons for a baby who was born in April 2009.   I used 1″ diamonds and 2″ hexagons from the Inklingo #1 collection.

I learned that quilting right over embroidered blocks does not distort or take away from the embroidery at all.  Quilting over the blocks with embroidery helps the quilt hold up to repeated washings, I think.  We saw the baby quilt after it had been in use for 8 months and it looked just as good as new.

The above picture isn’t great, but is the only one I have of it quilted.  This picture was taken before it was quilted.

Make yourself a coffee or a cup of tea and go over to the list of Festival participants here and enjoy!  There are some lovely quilts to be seen.

18 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Spring 2010 Quilt Festival

  1. Hi Cathi,

    I am glad you decided to show this quilt again – I actually don’t remember seeing it. It is soooooo cute, and that is a perfect quilt for duckie there… 🙂

    It’s wonderful to hear from you – I trust that your hands are feeling better?

    Have a lovely weekend.



  2. I love this little butterfly quilt — the combination of the embroidery with the stars is perfect, and I love the colors you selected.

    I’m all about hand embroidery on quilts, and you’ve just given me a new idea for a setting. THANKS!


  3. This is so pretty and so sweet! I’m glad you mentioned the size of the blocks… if you had not, I would not have guessed that they were so tiny! What intricate work… I mean… PLAY! : )


  4. lovely quilt–the embroidered hexagons are such a nice addition. also love your blue and white star quilt in the header. very nice work and thanks for sharing


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