One Flower Wednesdays

I made half a dozen of these little flowers using half-inch hexagons.  To give an idea of the size of them, there’s a nickel in the middle of one.  I think I may alternate between these tiny ones and some made with the 1″ hexagons as I do have an idea for a small quilt using those as well.

Just to show the difference in size, this are some 1″ hexagons with the same nickel:

I really like working with .75″ hexagons as well so think I’ll print some fabrics to make a few of those.  If I’m doing One Flower Wednesdays, I may as well have a variety of sizes.

This week has turned out to be different than I anticipated.  I wasn’t expecting to be as busy as I have been.  As a result, I’m not getting around to blogs as much as usual nor have I responded to comments for a day or two.  Once today is over, then I’ll get caught up!

We had another absolutely glorious day on Wednesday.  Lots of sunshine.  Now I know it’s truly getting warm out there.  Some of the sun worshippers in the building were out on the roof garden Wednesday afternoon in their bathing suits.  That is a first — I don’t ever remember anyone being able to do that here this early.

Lester was busy on the windowsill watching as the gardener was out there adding soil to the flower beds.

Smudge looks rather pensive in this shot, I think.

12 thoughts on “One Flower Wednesdays

  1. Love the hexie flowers! I can’t believe you are working with some that are as small as .75″. That is tiny to work with. You would need a ton of them to make a large quilt. I have been extra busy too this week and really would like to get caught up on my blog reading too. I think next week as I will be on vacation.


  2. Hi Lester, hmm wondering what’s in the soil that the gardener is adding to the pots hey? Well you would LOVE it I’m sure lol
    Hi Cathi, cats as beautiful as ever and OMG do I love your hexies…adorable!!


  3. I’m so happy to be a part of your group, thank you for allowing me to join. I look foward to spending MANY Wednesdays together stitching these little adorable flowers. Today I thought to myself that they are a weekly marker for me. Some day I shall look at them in a quilt and remember that week of my life… HUGS!


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