A Pastel POTC Block

There are still four purple squares to be added in the corners but, as that will take only minutes, this block is basically finished.  I love the colours in this one.  They remind me of pretty pastel dresses at Easter.

The back:

These books have been languishing on the bookshelves for ages.  I remember starting the first book in Anthony Trollope’s Barsetshire novels ages ago and quite liking it but, for some reason, I put it down and didn’t go back to it.  Truth be told, I probably got distracted by a mystery.  This time I intend to read my way through both the Barsetshire and Palliser series.  I love having a stack of unread books like this.  This stack is the Barsetshire series.  The Palliser series is another 6 books.  These should keep me busy for a couple of months.  Next up after Trollope?  Maybe Dickens.  I have read some of his books, but not all and would really like to make my way through those as well.

The weather is improving every day and I think by mid-week we’ll see temperatures back near 50, if not a bit better.  Lester spent a fair amount of time on the windowsill on Monday.  At one point I was watching him and saw a bird fly by with wings that seemed to be tipped with quite a vibrant blue.  I didn’t see the bird again Monday but will be watching to see if we have some blue jays out on the roof garden.  Still haven’t seen a robin, although I have heard one.

A new favourite shot of Lester:

And Smudge working on his lounging:

8 thoughts on “A Pastel POTC Block

  1. The pastel block is very pretty. Definitely reminiscent of Easter colors. Ah yes, sometimes the books get sidelined by quilting projects here too. Don’t worry you will return to them at some point. Lester and Smudge looking mighty cute, as usual!


  2. That block is gorgeous…am steadily working on a POTC block (maybe two) to make a table runner. Love the pics of the little buddies.


  3. Trollope is an author I seem to have missed. On the other hand, I got started on mysteries about 4 decades or more ago – so perhaps that’s why. LOL

    So far we’ve had blue jays, robins, a cardinal, red winged blackbirds, and of course starlings, sparrows, and chickadees in our back yard. Oh – and mourning doves – but then they’re here all winter.

    In my garden we’ve got tulips, hyacinths, bleeding hearts, and hostas coming up, and all the trees/bushes out back are budding. Yup. I think it’s definitely spring.


  4. Cathi–
    Hope you enjoy Trollope as I did. Let me suggest that you chech out the Angela Thirkell novels. She took the Barsetshire families into the WW2 era in England. They are fun. You make me think I should go back and visit Trollope again.
    Tell me this—how do you do all that beautiful needlework and read that stack of Trollope at the same time?

    And– I am in love with your cats. had to have mine put down last month. Smudge evokes a physical reaction from me. I can just feel him.
    I do enjoy your blog.


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