Farmer’s Delight Block #5 Beginning

This is probably going to be the longest time I’ve ever taken to stitch a block.  But while the Olympics are on, and particularly the figure skating, my stitching time slows right down.  I liked Kathy’s comment yesterday about stitching during commercials.  That’s probably exactly what I’ll be doing.

So what did I get done Monday?  All the little pieces cut for the next Farmer’s Delight block.  I actually got a start on stitching the centre part together, but not enough to photograph.  However, these are all the pieces, ready to stitch:

If you click to embiggen the photo, you can see the stitching lines printed on the back of the cream triangles.  Making sure the matching points actually match up is a great way to make sure the triangles are positioned properly.
Smudge had to have a rest from another day of Olympics viewing:

While it was Lester’s turn to guard their favourite toy:

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