Christmas Trees

Remember these 3 little stacks of fabric pieces …

… that eventually turned into this little stack and a bit?

They turned into 3 of these little Christmas Tree wall hangings. I used a different white or cream background for each one and alternated the green and red peeper and border on one. I loved putting these together. This is the perfect Christmas tree for a household like ours, where there are big kitties with big paws who would destroy a tree in short order.

One of the three trees was for us and I’m going to decorate it with some tiny ornaments. I think each year I’ll add an ornament or decoration.

It was fun making the trees. Even more fun was making the pattern for them! That was my first attempt at writing a pattern. I learned a lot doing that and plan to write a few more patterns this year.

Smudge found the whole thing quite exhausting. Chasing Christmas wrapping paper is very demanding.

Lester looks like he was about to — hmm, yawn?

15 thoughts on “Christmas Trees

  1. I do hope Santa was good to you, Bob and the kittens! The Christmas Trees are just fantastic and I love the idea of adding to one of these (for yourself) each year. It’s hard to have a tree with cats, that’s for sure. And this is perfect!Living Life at LeeHaven


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