A Group Quilt

I can now post a picture of the quilt for which the never-ending label was made, the back of which I showed yesterday:

It was presented Monday afternoon. The diamonds were done by a number of quilters and are designs from Quilted Diamonds and Quilted Diamonds 2, both books by Linda Franz. The setting and the quilting are fabulous. The quilt was a long time in the making, and we wondered at times if it would materialize. It did — and it’s gorgeous.

For a while on Monday we got some very wet snow. When we were out we saw a Jack Russell terrier with the cutest little coat — it had a fur-lined hood! It gets cold here, no question, but it was nowhere near that cold yesterday. But it was still cute.

I can’t even imagine getting Lester or Smudge in a coat. Then again, they don’t go outside. Here’s yet another picture of Lester standing over the heat — which is why his fur has that windblown look!

18 thoughts on “A Group Quilt

  1. Amazing! What a fabulous quilt…now I know why the label had to be intricate…!Wow!Heehee, sometimes I'm like Lester & sit on the heat…only difference is that my furr doesn't blow so esasily ;o)


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