Daphne’s Adventure

This is Daphne. She is a very inquisitive duck and was determined to have an afternoon adventure out on the roof garden!

Here she is sitting on the edge of a flowerbed looking around.

What was she looking at? The remains from a Roaring ’20s party that was held out on the roof garden last week!

Oooh,” said Daphne, “perhaps I can find something with which to have an adventure!” Little did she know.

After a closer look at the bits she saw, she realized they were pretty dirty and trundled up the little hill to have an afternoon outing, sitting out on her little quilt.

Uh oh!! Look what she spied! A martini shaker and glass on a nice silver tray along with a fan!

Being an adventurous little duck, Daphne clambered up and stuck her bill in the shaker!

Oops!! The shaker tipped over with Daphne inside.

When Daphne emerged, she was wearing a string of beads and had her hat down over her eyes. “I’m a flapper,” said Daphne. We think there were the dregs of a martini in that shaker!

Looks like our suspicion was right — here’s Daphne looking for another sip, it seems.

Daphne had a bit too much, we think. She had to have a rest in the glass before she stumbled back to her little quilt!

Daphne had a little snooze and woke up wondering what on earth had hit her! “I don’t think I’ll stick my bill in anything like that again!” she said.

10 thoughts on “Daphne’s Adventure

  1. Hi Cathi,*LOL* – I’m still laughing (have to pay attention that I don’t fall off from my chair ;o)Thanks for this funny story, it’s the perfect start in a new week.Hugs,Julia


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