A Teddy Bear Afternoon

“A nice sunny afternoon is perfect for an outing,” thought Beebs and his little sidekick. So off they went to the roof garden. Beebs is a 27 year old bear whose name is a short form of Basic Brown Bear.

“This bench isn’t very comfortable,” they thought.

Then Beebs spotted this draped over the bushes! He had heard rumours of a teddy bear quilt in the making and was very excited!!

He marched over and grabbed that quilt, spread it out on the grass and immediately sat down! That was a lot of work for Beebs!

Then Tiny Bear had to investigate too. “Beebs,” said he, “this is fabulous! Now we have a quilt to sit on when we come out to the garden.”

They sat, looking around and were oh, so happy to have their own little quilt for outings!

Then Beebs got out a book and they had a little read.

It was a lot of excitement for two bears so they decided to have a wee nap.

It was time to go back in — and they had a little rest on the bench before gathering up the quilt and their book and going back in.

And Lester was watching from the window, to make sure the bears and their quilt had no problems!

And this is my first finish for Peg’s Finish Five challenge.

12 thoughts on “A Teddy Bear Afternoon

  1. I really think you could make a children’s book from your story and pictures. So cute! If you get it published, may I have a copy? Congrats on your first finish. Very nice quilt. Tell Lester and Smudge Hi for me. TTFN……Lilly


  2. ooooh!! look at Lester there! that’s my favorite so far!! that fur! Does he get matted sometimes?? I had a long haired orange cat (he lived to be 18!) and I had to have him shaved twice in his life because he got matted… he really looked strange then! : )


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