An Almost Finish

This has now been quilted. The long-arm quilter did the most beautiful work on it. Unfortunately, we can’t get a good overall shot because of the size of it — it’s 122 by 86 inches. As soon as I get the binding on, we’re taking it to a friend who has a professional photography set-up and getting some good photos.

However, here are a couple of pictures of it — the front and back. The back really shows the quilting design well.

On the Christmas present front, things are progressing. The Wedgwood blue and white table runner is really coming along nicely as is the Seven Sisters variation one.

Lester, our wonderful big Maine Coon kitty, seems to be holding his own but has to have an echo-cardiogram done in December so they can see if his heart function has gotten worse.

4 thoughts on “An Almost Finish

  1. Oh dear, I didn’t realize Lester was having heart problems. I have Ragdolls and they also have this tendency. I’ll let the crew know to say cat prayers for him. As for the quilt – Woah! Amazing.I’m glad the Seven Sisters is coming along and dont forget to share. I’m so excited to see that.


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