Table runner progress

I don’t know what happened to this photo — the colours of this are much richer. It’s half finished in this photo — and I hope to have it totally finished by the end of the weekend, quilting included. Maybe whatever photo we take then will turn out better than this did! Two Christmas gifts left to go — I have all the pieces printed for one of them and the design figured out for the other, so this will be a hand piecing marathon!

I’m setting my 2008 quilt goals — I think. I want to make a lap quilt of the tiny star rectangles, complete a blue and white Texas Star quilt that is already in progress, a blue and white Seven Sisters lap quilt also already in progress, and make a pink and cream quilt. I love the look of pink and cream quilts — but need to find a pattern that I want to work with. Guess all the old issues of magazines and my quilt books are going to get a workout over the next couple of months.

I was absolutely fascinated by this alpaca that I found at the Creativ Festival last week. I can’t work with or wear wool, DH can’t wear wool and a friend suggested I try alpaca. We saw a booth at the Festival with all this amazing alpaca yarn and, after feeling it and not immediately getting itchy, I bought two small skeins to make a scarf for DH with — figuring if I can work with it and he can wear it, then I’ve found something perfect for us both.

This is the cute thing — each skein bears the name of the actual animal that the yarn has come from! So this little scarf will be made from Sno Jo. 🙂 Don’t know why — but that just makes me smile. Gorgeous yarns at that booth from a variety of alpaca farmers in Ontario. I’ll definitely be back for more!

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