Finished Project!

Finally, I finished the ’30s table runner. Every piece in it is an Inklingo shape which made it so easy to do. Actually, I finished it a few weeks ago but didn’t get pictures till last week. I’m quite pleased with it, even with my machine quilting on it which is quite something for me — I am not thrilled with my ability to machine quilt at all, so feeling good about this was great!

We have been enjoying the late summer days lately — love the heat and those wonderful blue skies, but am really shocked at the number of leaves changing colour already. Makes me wonder if we’re in for an early winter.

The kitties have been very busy lately playing with their caterpillar toy. We get such a huge kick out of their antics with this toy that I sometimes wonder who has more fun, them or us!

2 thoughts on “Finished Project!

  1. Well you KNOW I love the table runner 🙂 Those are great pictures of the boys and “Cappy.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen Smudge quite so “fluffy” looking and Lester looks quite possessive.


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