16 Little Baskets


The tiny 3″ baskets are all done. And now it’s time to pick a setting. Shall I set them like this with the handles of each little group of four facing out and each group of four being all the same colour?


Or this, again each group of four being the same colour but the handles facing in to the centre?


Or perhaps this, one of each of the colour in a group of four and with the handles facing in?

My favourite is number 3. I think. I’ll look at the pictures for a bit, decide and then stitch these ridiculously cute tiny baskets together. Then I’ll decide whether they need a little border or not, although I’m leaning to not, get it quilted and bound and have my first finish for the year.

I really enjoyed making these tiny baskets – the curved piecing involved with the handles makes me laugh with delight. Of course, were it not for the perfect stitching lines and matching points of Inklingo I think those tiny handles would have been not so much fun but with them? Just nothing but easy stitching. And there was some opportunity for continuous stitching, which I took full advantage of. I’m very tempted to do a large quilt of these teeny, tiny baskets using nothing but different fabrics for each basket. A totally scrappy postage stamp basket quilt appeals to me so much.

The cheerful little baskets are exactly what I need on these cold, cold winter days. Today they’re saying we’re going to have some horribly cold wind chills and snow and are warning people about going out and how quickly frostbite can occur and on and on it goes. Needless to say, I’m staying in!

sewing lessonwtmk

Seems Jake is getting a sewing lesson from … hmm, is it Baxter or the little alien who will be teaching?


First Jake was stretched out on the pink couch with Raggedy Ann and the book.


And then Baxter.

18 thoughts on “16 Little Baskets

  1. Cathi, Those tiny baskets are delightful. I like setting 3 too, it moves your eye over each one. Your kitties are so beautiful, Jake looks like a snow drift he is so white on his tummy. I’m glad those toon characters are able to keep so busy in all this cold weather. We are at single digits down here and more wind and snow are expected this afternoon. Brrrrrr!


  2. I don’t know why but number 3 stands out. It’s cold here in middle England and our cat is sleeping on the settee. I’m cleaning fluff and oiling my machine before filling a new bobbin and sewing.


  3. #3 for sure, they are delightful in those shades. Yes, we have had your weather on our TV down here, it looks like really cold/heavy snow/ freezing days are coming. no wonder warnings are out. I, too would stay in, and keep those boys company, or is it, they do that all by themselves? Nothing better than to curl up with some hand sewing, and 2 cats by your side. Greetings form Jean,.


  4. If it were me, I’d choose #3, but turn them so all of one colour were in the centre of the larger block. Sometimes I like that sort of order; othertimes, not so much . . . ~ Linne


  5. I saw your post(s) on Lucy Boston patchwork crosses and am ordering the book today. I adore your baskets. Thanks for leading me to the book. I became a follower via Bloglovin’. I’m currently hand piecing a Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt using Kathleen Ackley’s stamps and plan to use them for the Lucy Boston blocks, too. I hope it works out.


  6. I think little alien may have some out of this world ideas. Sorry I just couldn’t resist. I sitting here quilting and frustrated that my new sewing machine is waiting in customs. It been at the facility for a week , ugh. So my humor is a little stretched.


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