Sorting and Organizing

Sorting and organizing wasn’t what I planned to do on the weekend, but it became necessary as I was looking for the white on white fabric that I was positivepretty sure — hoping I had tucked away for the Summer Picnic Dish. It appears I used it for another project. So for now the Summer Picnic Dish is on hold because one thing I have learned for sure is to never, ever buy a white on white fabric online. I have to see and feel them and make sure they’re not that heavily painted-on stuff! And that will teach me to print everything I need for a quilt at once!


While I was looking for that white fabric, I started stacking the quilt tops that are waiting to be quilted. In this picture there are 18 ready to be basted and quilted and three more that are awaiting their final borders. Plus a few UFOs. What’s not in the picture are the three quilts basted and ready to quilt. Yikes! I thought I had maybe 10 or 12 tops in the line-up. Not over 20! The quilt rack is groaning under the weight!

The next step? The next step is to sort through and prioritize the UFOs. Not that that’s going to stop me from starting something new – I’m sure it won’t. Perhaps I need a quilting intervention! And what am I going to work on now? Probably some batik sunflowers or perhaps more Stormy Seas blocks.


While I was organizing and stacking things everywhere (and I do mean everywhere, there were even melon/arc combos for the Summer Picnic Dish draped over my sewing machine at one point) Baxter decided that having a snooze on one of my stitching books might be just the thing to do. He stayed there for quite some time, even while there was fabric flying everywhere.

We went for a walk last night after dinner and it was lovely. Mild, not humid and a wonderful breeze. If only it could be like this all year round – no high heat/humidity in the summer and no winter!


“We’ll Miss You, Boo.” They’re all looking at a new bright star in the sky — it’s a kitty star in honour of a friend’s very special kitty, Boo, who passed away yesterday.

14 thoughts on “Sorting and Organizing

  1. What a stack of quilts to quilt! Wish I were closer and could come and help. What fun we would have! And special thanks to Mr. Q.O. for the special ‘toon today. I will miss my Boo terribly and it was so great to see him honoured on your blog today! Boo was a very special kitty – loved by all who had the privilege of knowing him. Thanks, Cathi!


  2. Tears for Boo, and Barb. Kittys are very special. WOW! Over 20 quilt tops…I’m thankful I only have the 5. But as we all know quilting is relaxing and so rewarding. Cathi, you piece fast, you’ll get them quilted fast too. Enjoy:) Baxter looks happy, and relaxed.


  3. it is hard hand piecing and hand quilting through white and whites’ isn’t it. I still use them though but I too rather find these in person than on line – everything else I order if I feel like it.


  4. Oh, MY, how I miss Boo in the picture–goodness, that brought tears! But I love his star in the sky, that’s awesome! Cathy, your stack of quilts is, as usual, so inspirational. Your beautiful work just boggles my mind!!!! Big hug! 🙂


  5. I understand your dilemma – I have a stack of quilts like that too waiting to be quilted. Someday soon I’ll have a quilting month where all I do is quilt and no piecing.

    So sorry to hear about your cat.


  6. It makes me feel so much better knowing I am not alone in the unfinished stack of quilts to be quilted. Definitely need to feel whites for quilting. Our pets bring us much happiness and such sorrow when they are no longer around.


  7. Oh my word! That’s a lot of quilt tops finished! What a shame about the wow fabric. I had visions of Baxter being buried under a pile of blocks there :). So sorry to hear about his kitty friend :(. Bunnyhugs Elly


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  8. I can see you’ve been busy! And it’s good to know I’m not the only one.
    Being more into surface design myself I enjoy the “painted on” white on whites because when you dye them, you end up with a brilliant white design popping off a coloured background. But for hand quilting I can see why you need softer fabric.

    Sharing thoughts of Boo and his family, even though I don’t know them personally.


  9. Oh Cathi, I knew you were a prolific stitcher…but this stack is amazing!!! What a treasure chest of loot you have in that pile!!! Love how you, Mr. O, and no doubt
    Baxter have favorites…and each of your readers have selected special quilts also along the way too! What a fun and colorful winter you’ll have ahead sealing them with your special quilt stitches!


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