Another Tiny Seven Sisters Block


Or is it another pieced hexagon? It’s both. I couldn’t resist and have decided to make another miniature quilt, this time with tiny Seven Sisters blocks. They’re fun to stitch, although I don’t think I’d want to make these with anything but batiks. With batiks, there’s no worry about centres of the stars being too bulky. For this block, I used shapes in the .50″ Inklingo 60-degree diamond collection. There are a lot of seams in this little 2.5″ pieced hexagon as there are 66 pieces in it.


Seams graded and the little block pressed. It doesn’t take long to make the block as each seam is just one load of stitches on the needle and then it’s done. So I think maybe about 3 hours from start to finish.


And now there are three in the series of pieced hexagons I’m making using various Inklingo collections, although this Seven Sisters block is going to be in a little miniature quilt of nothing but Seven Sisters blocks and another one will be made for the collection of pieced hexagons. Or at least that’s the current plan. And so far, of these three, my favourite is the large one on the left.

Photo Shootwtmk

“Photo Shoot.”


Baxter was supervising while we took the photos of the pieced hexagons.

8 thoughts on “Another Tiny Seven Sisters Block

  1. with your love of little blocks I’m surprise you have not made a Dear Jane quilt! some of those pieces might be printed out using Inklingo but when I made them I didn’t have it so don’t know – I drew my seams on the back and that made it almost as good


  2. The large one on the left is my fave too, Cath! However, seeing that little 7 Sisters block today made me hungry for Timbits. Luckily I had some! You are making me want to make pieced hexagons. Between you and Linda, I probably don’t stand a chance! Maybe I should make some with that new O Canada fabric? Yippee! A trip to the quilt shop is in order this week, I believe.


  3. Love all three and think a miniature seven sisters quilt sounds great. But I’m with you on the one on the left being my favourite. So far 🙂


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