Stars, Stars, Stars


These little stacks of pieces are all I need to make the final 18 stars needed for the Candy Stars doll bed quilt. Thirty of the little stars are already done and most of those have been attached already. I’m not attaching anything now until I get all the remaining stars finished. I don’t think it will take long until the little doll bed quilt is finished.

Up until now I had been calling it Octagon Stars.  In a comment Jennifer said they reminded her of Candy Stars. I thought that was the perfect name for these colourful little stars.


Not a lot of stitching got done yesterday. Mostly because of our weather, which brought with it a migraine. This is what we woke up to see yesterday. Snow? On April 11? So much for spring – at least for a few more days. I hope the one lonely daffodil that blooms out on the roof garden survives the onslaught of snow and freezing rain, as I noticed it was starting to come up on Wednesday.


Seeing all these stars around, Baxter decided it was time to give his pals a crash course in astronomy.


Earlier in the day, he had been treating us to his lynx look.

8 thoughts on “Stars, Stars, Stars

  1. Candy Stars is a good name. We have had cold weather but all rain, no snow. What a shock it is to see snow in April but certainly not unheard of. We have had it as late as the 22nd in previous years.


  2. Perfect name!~Hope your snow melts away very soon. Baxter looks so regal and I know he enjoyed his astronomy lesson. Cute!~


  3. We keep waking up to snow too. What did you two do to make Baxter look like he would love to hunt you and eat you up??? LOL.



  4. I also like the name Candy Stars. Can’t wait to see the finished doll quilt. How big are the white squares?

    As always, Baxter looks so regal.

    I think you said your husband does the Baxter cartoons. Please tell him thank you; they are adorable and very entertaining.


  5. Our snow came this morning and continues as I type 😦
    I am glad I’m off to the St. Maartin next week!
    I LOVE Baxter’s lynx look. He is so handsome.
    ‘Candy Stars’ is going to be so beautiful. I’m waiting patiently to see the finished quilt.


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