Aren’t these pretty? I love the look and feel of batiks and these are destined to, in most instances, become 6″ sunflowers as well as — well, who knows.

The work project is finished – finally. Absolutely no stitching was done last night and I didn’t even manage to see an inning of the baseball game. I’m behind on responding to comments but will catch up today.

Baxter and his friends are off to Detroit where Baxter will be in the Tigers’ bullpen, ready to help out if needed.

The window washers came yesterday. He wasn’t too sure about that so retreated to the hall where he could watch without being too close. But as soon as they left he was back on the windowsill. The trees on the roof garden have suddenly lost most of their leaves. As they fly by the window, he’s trying to catch them and there’s some very loud thumps as his paw hits the window.

9 thoughts on “Possibilities

  1. Your fingers will be busy for a bit that is for sure. Tell MR Q we will root root root for the Tigers in this house too…I can almost see Baxter with some pompoms..LOL


  2. I would love to see Baxter ‘catching’ leaves……that would be very funny! One of our cats does the same thing; until we moved to the country a couple of years ago she hadn’t seen falling leaves as there were none in our previous garden. Your batiks are very yummy and I look forward to seeing them made up.


  3. the batiks are lovely, and Baxter looks sooooo grown up, don’t they give you lots of laughs when chasing leaves outside. We get the occasional moth and both coons have their eyes plaster to the wall and celing when the chase is on.


  4. Baxter just might be the key to a Tigers come back! That’s funny, with him hiding from the window washers, something out there that should not be!
    It’s in the 20’s this AM, get ready it’s coming your way!


    • Leyland should have used Baxter! Such a disappointing ending, but it was a great season. Only 13 more weeks unitl pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training in Lakeland, FL. 🙂


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