Absolutely Final Test

Seems that last one wasn’t the final test. I found one more possibility, which I’m trying with this post. Hopefully this time it works and the truncated post is what the RSS readers pick up, while those who subscribe by e-mail get the entire post. I’ve subscribed by e-mail and through my RSS reader so will know immediately whether it’s working or not.

If not, then I’m going back to square one but will be a bit more vigilant about looking for sites like the one I found on the weekend.

9 thoughts on “Absolutely Final Test

  1. I love getting the complete blog posts via e-mail, because I can file them on my iPad and look at them quickly and show my friends. I’m really sorry that people are stealing your words and pictures–your quilts are wonderful!


  2. Cathi…….I will be reading your posts no matter how they come to me.
    I love seeing your wonderful work, hearing of the antics of Baxter and Mr. Q. O.
    sharing his talents with the world thru Baxters eyes.


  3. I get your posts through email, and really it doesn’t matter if we have to click and go round to finish reading it. It’s not that big a deal! Really! When leaving a comment, it sends us round anyway, so it’s not a surprise, or a big deal. But thanks for putting so much effort into making this work, though.

    And I’m so sorry those devils are stealing your posts! What is wrong with people!?! I know the internet is loaded with horrible people, but we don’t want them coming into our nice little quilty world! They are taking valuable stitching time away from you, just to combat their evil doing! Sheesh! THAT’s just wrong on so many levels!


  4. I got the truncated version in my reader (had to go back and check as I automatically click through!) – I wish you didn’t have to investigate all these options and that people would stop taking stuff (photos/content/ideas) that doesn’t belong to them…


  5. Cathi,
    I feel terrible that you have to do all this! Rest assured that clicking an extra button will not impede me from reading your blog on a daily basis! I love to see what beauty you have created and I luv to look at Baxter everyday! I need my cuteness fix!.


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