Stormy Seas Blocks 19 and 20

Yes, it has been a very long time since I’ve worked on these. But two more were finished on the weekend. They are made with the 6.75″ Inklingo Storm at Sea collection. Because I’m doing the double diamond block, the blocks finish at 9″.

Block 19.

Block 20.

Hmm, seems one of Baxter’s mice got into the photo. I got it out of there before he saw it and pounced.

I realized last night that I haven’t been grading the seams on the Stormy Seas blocks. I’ll start working on those tonight. Maybe finish that. And then there are only 22 more blocks to stitch. They’re all kitted in this box with the matching threads so there’s no reason to not get this one finished. I am flirting with the idea of hybrid piecing and partially stitching them by machine. I could make the square and diamond units by machine and then join them by hand. Maybe. I may try doing one that way and see what I think.

I’m trying to decide what will be the baseball playoffs/World Series quilt I work on this year. But this year it’s going to be about finishing a quilt top rather than starting a new one. There are a couple of criteria for a good baseball stitching for me. One, it has to be one that’s relatively easy to stitch and not demand a lot of attention because most of the time my attention is going to be on the game. Two, there has to be some semblance of hope that I can finish it by the time the World Series is over. So I may be hoping that the playoffs and World Series all go to a full seven games.

The Stormy Seas blocks are in the running. Making two more of them convinced me that this is not a block that demands too much concentration to make while watching baseball. But I’m not sure about making 22 more of them before the games are over even with hybrid piecing. There are, as of now, at least three or four other candidates which I’ll be showing over the next few days.

Of course, this whole idea of it being a quilt top in progress that I finish as opposed to starting a new one could go right out the window too. But I’m going to try to stick with finishing one.

Baxter’s answer to any problem, including stormy weather, is food and toys.

Baxter likes to walk across wreak havoc on my desk on his way to my chair. I’ve learned not to leave flash drives or pens on my desk or else I end up spending time on the floor retrieving them from under the desk.

7 thoughts on “Stormy Seas Blocks 19 and 20

  1. it sounds like Stormy Seas would be a good candidate if you get all of the machine sewn parts done before the games start. What fun to plan a finish……just hope no new Inklinko comes out to take you away from it….


  2. I was reading more closely, than looking at photos and I came to the mouse part. I stopped breathing!~ I thought…. Oh,no, a hole?!?!
    Lovely blocks. Look how the skies in the Baxtertoon are like your fabrics!~ so neat.


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