Another Trio of Pickled Ladies

A very dark one.

A medium one.

And a very light one.

Four more to go and I’ll be finished with these. I think in a way I’ll be sad to finish making the little pickled clamshells for this quilt top. But it’s time to get it set together. So once the final four are done, I’ll finish up the blocks for the pieced border and get on with it.

I had a migraine all day yesterday and got very little done other than the 3 Pickled Ladies. I’m hoping it eases off enough today that I can get the final four finished.

Baxter’s making quilts again!

Baxter seems to think the iPad is his. According to Mr. Q.O., it is Baxter’s.

10 thoughts on “Another Trio of Pickled Ladies

  1. I just love that dark pickled ladie, and the pink one, and ok, all of them! It’s going to be one of your best quilts!
    Baxter does have a knack for quilting! And of course he needs his ipad to keep up with the household! I did not realize how ipad savvy he was!
    Hope you are feeling better today!


  2. Hi Cathi, Do you hand piece your blocks together or do you use the machine ? I am finishing a 72×80″ hand pieced quilt but I am piecing it together by hand. I am not sure this is a good idea but after all of that hand piecing I thought I might as well. I also had a migraine yesterday. I still have it this morning but maybe it will wear off. I am at school and can’t take off today. Your blocks are so beautiful. Thank you for all of your info on Inklingo. I want to try it when I am ready for a new project. Linda

    .—- Quilt Obsessi


    • Those are the 6″ Inklingo clamshell pickles. Easy as can be to stitch — loads of continuous stitching to make the little triangle arcs and then one seam to add them to the clamshell. Would I attempt those without Inklingo? Not a chance!


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