Little Flowers

Over the past while, I’ve been sorting through my batiks stash and found a great use for small pieces. With a piece that’s 5.25″ x 5.75″, I can print enough of the .50″ hexagons to make two flowers. When I was organizing the batiks scraps, I picked out those pieces that would work for some flowers. Before my printer gave up, I managed to get quite a few printed. And last night I made the first four.

I graded the seams and then pressed. I love working with batiks – they press so easily.

Tomorrow my computer is going in to have the hard drive replaced. The hard drive is starting to show its age. Rather than wait until it fails, I’m getting it done now. We have found an absolutely super Mac technician in the city who is reasonable and quick. Mr. Q.O.’s computer just came back from having its hard drive replaced. I talked to the technician and he said he can have mine done by end of day if we have it there before noon tomorrow.

Baxter’s found a new friend in the garden in today’s Baxtertoon.

He seems somewhat startled in this shot. Must have been making too much noise to attract his attention so he’d look up at the camera.

10 thoughts on “Little Flowers

  1. I can’t wait to see what you do with these. I have a box full of them. I can only sew hexes by hand, so I keep a bunch of them cut out from scraps. (I use an Accuquilt Go!Baby to keep them cut.) Then, when I feel like hand piecing, I make little flowers. I’ve made 2 Granmother’s Flower Garden quilts and I’m working on another. I’d really like to see some new ideas for these flowers.


  2. I love these cute little hexi flowers. I too have some printed out .5 size. Have two sewn and must get back to the others soon. I must also try out some printing on batik. Baxter’s new friend looks like an earless rabbit, lol… is it the raccoon? Cute Baxtertoon and Baxter himself of course 😉


  3. I looked at a closeup of your hexagons, what color ink did you use on them with Inklingo? Could it be red? Also, is that a closeup of your graded seams? I really like seeing your projects up close and personal, I learn a lot from that, so thank you!


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