A Bouquet of Yin Yang Flowers

Play time on the weekend included this. A 14″ bouquet of Yin Yang flowers with a Rose Dream “vase” and leaves made with one of the new Inklingo Leaf Sashing collections. I’m thinking of a variety of flowers to be used in this setting, but I had to try the pink Yin Yang ones first. I can’t decide whether they make me think of big cabbage roses or peonies. What I do know is that it was pure fun to put together with loads of curved piecing.

The leaves can be pieced, as I did in this one, or they can be appliquéd as there are sashings to print with the shape printed on the back for back basting. There are some great examples of what can be done with the leaf sashings on the Inklingo blog here and here.

With any luck, the piecing of the red and white border will be finished this week. Once the borders are done and attached, a photo shoot out on the roof garden will be in order.

Today’s Baxtertoon was inspired by the race car resting on teacups. Apparently Ferrari makes a special line just for cats – called Kattari.

Baxter’s version of a headless cat pose. Mr. Q.O. captioned it “Where’s Baxter?”

8 thoughts on “A Bouquet of Yin Yang Flowers

  1. We have a headless cat too, ours is lying in front of the fire! That’s a very interesting idea for your piecing – it reminds me of the roses of Charles Rennie Macintosh.


  2. I see Peonies!~ How pretty! I KNEW you’d not be able to resist this newest fun thing from Inklingo. You ALWAYS outdo yourself Cathi. AMAZING!~
    LOVE the Baxtertoon. Mr. Q.O. is very talented.


  3. Love the floral block! You always show us how versatile and fun designing with Inklingo can be. I love seeing all the blocks that you produce! The Baxtertoon is so cute!


  4. the Yin Yang flowers are very pretty and formal. I hadn’t thought of that arrangement.
    Love the Kattari. The headless pose is around here too. Don’t the coons always make it look like ‘you broke the cat mum!’.


  5. What a great idea! They really do look like peonies! You are so creative, and you inspire me daily! Hope you’re making a book out of the ‘toons (give Garfield a run for his money), and you could have captioned Baxter’s pic as which way is up…lol.


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