Three Little Stars

I couldn’t resist making three little stars with some of the pieces I have left over from the Scrappy Star. I’m not sure what these will end up in or how many more I’ll make, but there’s something about putting together the little 4.5″ LeMoyne Stars that I can’t resist. Maybe I’ll just keep making them until I have enough for a small doll’s quilt or perhaps this is the beginning of yet another large quilt.

I love how perfectly they press. For these little blocks with so many different fabrics, I use either a mustard gold thread or a slate grey one. Somehow both those thread colours work perfectly with all the various fabrics.

Mr. Q.O. captioned this shot of Baxter “Waddaya mean, no cheeseburger?” I think he wants the cheeseburger, not Baxter!

5 thoughts on “Three Little Stars

  1. I can see a large quilt made out of those cute stars! Keep going!!! 🙂

    Baxter is looking magestic today! I think that breed has the kingly look, thinking back to your other cats, they all had such a look!


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