Fabrics for Little Winding Ways Blocks

Only 4 of the various hand-dyed fabrics that I’ll use for the project were shown in the completed blocks yesterday. These are the rest of them. On the weekend I hope to cut and print at least 4 sets of the Winding Ways pieces from each of these so that I can get them all sorted out and ready to stitch.

This has seemed like a long, long week. I am so glad today is Friday. All that’s on the agenda today is taking Baxter to the vet for a quick re-check. Nothing major, but he still is not going to like it!

Baxter was enjoying some lounging time on the couch. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Ready for a tummy rub any time you’re ready.”

8 thoughts on “Fabrics for Little Winding Ways Blocks

  1. Nice fabrics!
    I just gave Sparkle a tummy rub and now Hazel is in line. Only 5 degrees here this morning and Harry decided he wanted to go outside anyway. He’ll be knocking on the door any minute now!
    Good luck with the vet venture! Better have some yogurt ready when you get home!


  2. Beautiful fabrics! Like Easter eggs! Perfect for this time of year, to brighten your days. I feel as though one day I’m going to see a post with a video clip and Baxter will have learned to speak! lol


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