Squaring up the Scrappy Star

Two corners of the scrappy star are now squared up. Two more to go and then I can start working on the borders. Some of the pieces for one of the borders are ready and there are boxes containing the other pieces. If I don’t get too distracted by the red and white quilt, this might be finished before the end of January.

As I don’t want this to end up as a square quilt, I’m going to add one border to the top and bottom and then add another border or borders to all 4 sides of it.

Baxter was particularly interested in the quilt rack last night.

9 thoughts on “Squaring up the Scrappy Star

  1. Wow, so many pieces in that star quilt! It looks gorgeous! Are you going to piece the borders, too or go with one fabric?

    Lovin’ those red and white stars, too. They look a little like Christmas ornaments.


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