The Red & White Quilt is Back!

Remember these blocks? They’ve been sitting for a long time.

Why? Because earlier this year I decided I wanted to make the quilt I had started with these blocks bigger. Of course, I was out of both the white and the red fabrics. I was able to get more of the red, which is from an old Laurel Burch line, fairly quickly. But the white? That proved to be harder to find. Thanks to Judy at Sew Sisters, who scoured the distributors for it, more of the white was finally found and we picked it up at the end of last week.

So over the past couple of days, between doctors’ appointments and tests, I figured out what I needed to print and got my fabrics ready and ironed to freezer paper.

Last night, in under 2 hours, I had the fabrics all printed and now have everything I need to finish my red and white Sunflower/Feathered Star quilt, including the pieced border treatment I’ve got planned for it.

In this close-up, if you click on it to enlarge it, you can see the lines on a couple of the pieces I printed. Because I’m hand piecing the blocks, I’ve printed all the HSTs. If I were going to machine piece, I’d have only printed on the white fabric. I wouldn’t even think of making this quilt without Inklingo. With Inklingo’s precision cutting and stitching lines and matching points, a quilt like the one I have planned is easy as can be.

Baxter has had lots of squirrel activity to watch out on the roof garden over the past few days. Mr. Q.O. calls this photo “Sheer Kitty”.  I call it “Kitty Under Lace”.

8 thoughts on “The Red & White Quilt is Back!

  1. The red and white quilt will be fabulous! I can’t believe all the things that you get accomplished!
    It’s good that thoses squirrels keep Mr Baxter occupied so he doesn’t think about your projects, at least for a little while………


  2. I am so glad you found the fabric you needed to complete your fabulous sunflower feather star quilt. I know you will have it finished in a flash. I am sure Baxter is waiting for Santa Claus and just using the squirrels as a distraction!


  3. Baxter is such a dear…and all those precious moments you capture in photos…thank you! The Red/White star seems perfect for the holiday season…just wonderful. If you leave it out while you work….it will be the perfect addition to your
    holiday decor! Hope your doctor appts were just routine…no fun dealing with health issues during holidays…or any other time! Hugs!


  4. This will be a real beauty! Can’t wait to see it all appear as you work your magic!
    Pretty lace curtains. I’m looking for some now. Need to find a source for good quality curtains like this. Great photo of Baxter!~again.


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