Twinkling Stars 9-Patch

Making the Twinkling Stars blocks is so much fun that I couldn’t resist putting 5 of them together in a 9-patch. This is the beginning of the quilt. At this rate, I may have it done before the World Series is over. The 9-patch blocks finish at 15″. I’m hand piecing it so far, but will probably add the sashing elements using the machine.

The back.

I spent a fair bit of time on the weekend printing shapes for a few quilts, including the rest of the pieces needed for Twinkling Stars. So far there are 20 of the little star blocks finished. All that’s left to do to have everything prepared for the quilt is to cut some white strips for the sashing units I’m going to use in between the 9-patch blocks.

The weather has been wonderfully mild for so late in September. Today we’re supposed to have a humidex reading of 29C. If the forecast is right though, we’ll have a high of only 9C on Friday. Big change, but typical of fall weather. I’m hoping we get a true Indian Summer in October.

Baxter seems to grow overnight. It was only a few days ago that he barely filled half his kitty bed. Now look at him!

He looks so angelic in this shot I couldn’t resist posting it.

9 thoughts on “Twinkling Stars 9-Patch

  1. That Baxter is such a cutie, What an adorable little face! I still miss Lester & Smudge. I’m sure you do, too. I was talking to another lady today about our cats. I have 3 Maine Coons and I just call them my kids. LOL

    ttfn πŸ™‚ Yuki


  2. Beautiful quilt blocks!
    Baxter looks like a different cat week by week, are you sure that little kitten isn’t running around somewhere in your house and this is another one who wandered inside? πŸ™‚


  3. I love your piecing….do you just eyeball the seams or do you mark everything? Your work is beautiful.
    Baxter is adorable. I too have a Maine Coon….I don’t think it is a full bred Maine Coon…but everyone tells me that is what she is. She is a rescue cat. Her lions mane is so long that when she cleans herself she can’t get her head back far enough to get the hair out of her mouth!!! We have to keep it clipped on her neck under her chin. Have you ever had that problem?


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