These 4 blocks have also been bumped up the list to be finished. The lime batik I’ll use to set them is ready and the little quilt top should be done in no time. The blocks have been sitting for ages and the lime batik is washed and ready.

It has been quite a week around here. Last Thursday and yesterday, Mr. Q.O. had cataract surgery. The difference is absolutely incredible. He can basically now throw away his old glasses and use drugstore readers. I was able to sit with him in the pre-op area until the doctors came to get him and the nurse told me as soon as he was out of surgery – less than 15 minutes. What an amazing process! The nurses in the pre-op and recovery room were wonderful and we both got a hug from one of them as we left.

Baxter sprawled out under a desk yesterday afternoon. It really doesn’t look like he could possibly be comfortable, but this is how he likes to sleep.

11 thoughts on “Stars…Again

  1. Oh I remember these blocks. I can hardly wait to see them set with the line green. It’s going to be so bright and cheerful!!

    Bob had one eye done many years ago and can see so well from it but he ended up with a detached retina in the other so has a heck of a time getting glasses so he can have good vision. It’s amazing how quickly they get this procedure done!!



  2. Love the stars. Glad tohear th surgery went well. It is so amazing what they can do now. Baxter is certainly growing. Have a great holiday weekend.


  3. Hi Cathi-
    Are you sure Baxter isn’t a secret drinker? I would check the liquor cabinet if I were you. Some of his poses make me wonder!
    He looks totally happy and well adjusted(as much as a cat can be).
    Love seeing his pics-thanks for sharing-


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