Baby Quilt

Late last week, Mr. Q.O. informed me that we had been invited to a baby shower this coming Sunday.  Of course, I immediately thought about making a quilt but in such a short time span?  It obviously wasn’t going to be hand pieced or involve small blocks. Only 4 of the blocks are visible as Smudge clearly is insistent on participating in showing quilt blocks if they’re on the floor.

Out came the books as I searched for an idea.  I finally settled on the 12″ star blocks shown. They’re even entirely machine pieced!   I used the 4″ HSTs and squares found in the 12″ Storm at Sea Inklingo collection collection as that way I knew I’d have no issues at all making the HSTs.  Just print, stitch on the stitching lines, cut apart and they’re done.  No cutting down to size, no dog ears, no paper to tear away.  Just perfect HSTs each time.  And, thanks to the stitching lines, I was able to consistently get a scant quarter-inch seam so that my blocks finish at 12″.

The little quilt will finish at 24 x 36 and will be machine quilted with 1″ cross-hatching.  I’ll have it sewn together and basted  and the binding made by tonight, will start the cross-hatching Wednesday and finish it Thursday, get the binding done on Friday, wash it on Saturday and it will be done in time for the baby shower on Sunday.

Making this baby quilt has been a learning experience of me on a couple of fronts. One, that I can manage to machine piece accurate blocks.  Second, and more importantly, that there really is nothing wrong with simple blocks for some quilts.  I had to battle with myself about making the blocks because, as they are so large and involve so few pieces, somehow it felt like I wasn’t making something appropriate to give.  Then I thought about it, talked to a friend about it and realized that it was just fine for a baby quilt.

Once this is done, however, I’m going right back to a Feathered Star or Sunflower block.  I need some hand piecing with small pieces to keep me happy.

Smudge is clearly missing his brother, as are we.  He has never been an only kitty, so I suppose this is a huge adjustment for him.  For now, we’re trying to make sure one of us is home with him most of the time.  Hopefully, he will adjust but, in the meantime, he’s making sure he can keep us within his sight.

11 thoughts on “Baby Quilt

  1. Yes, it is perfectly fine to make a simple block for a baby quilt!! And it looks fantastic too! I know that Smudge misses his brother. My kitties also felt the loss when Rolo passed. But you both take such good care of him, all will be well.


  2. Sometimes quilts made of the most simple blocks and lovely fabrics like yours look gorgeous! We don’t need to be challenged all the time, do we… LOL?!

    I feel for Smudge and the two of you of course. Midas and I send some virtual cuddles and hugs!


  3. What a lovely quilt! and very appropriate for a baby with its bright coloured stars. We in cyberspace miss Lester too, he was such a sweetie. Sending a big hug to you all.


  4. You are amazing! Can’t imagine producing a quilt in one day! I’d have opted for a photo, or quick show of a few blocks and an IOU! 😉 Hug Smudge for me…my heart aches with you…as I know with an upcoming move I must find a new home for both my kitties…George & Gracie! Bet you can’t guess who I enjoy watching old time movies of? ;-))))) My love to all the “O’s”


  5. The baby will love that quilt!
    I think Smudge will become the “kitty critic”. If he walks all over it, he approves of your color choices and arrangements of the blocks, if not, you might have to re-think it! 🙂


  6. I just know this baby quilt is going to be just as beautiful as all of your quilts Cathi 🙂 and it looks like Smudge agrees. Poor Smudge, it’s so hard to see them lost and missing a long time friend. Bunny hugs to you all, Ellyx


  7. Cathi…Love Love the quilt for the baby!…It will be cuddled and loved for sure!…I can only imagine how much Lester is missed by all of you…So very sad for kitties that are left behind, we don’t know how much they understand beyond their friend not being there anymore…Lester and Smudge are Blessed to have loving people to take care and Love them!…He is missed terribly in this little part of the blog world…Take Care…Annie


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