Two Pickled Ladies

While I’ve made quite a few of the arcs for them, I haven’t put together many of the Pickled Lady blocks this month.  So I thought I’d best get a start on making some for January with these two.

Our weather has been incredibly topsy-turvy the past few days.  We’ve gone from relatively mild for mid-January to bitter cold  to rain and mild and now we’re heading back into the deep freeze for a few days.  At least the rain that fell got rid of most of the snow that lingered.

Smudge decided to sprawl out on the loveseat.  This winter weather definitely means sleepy kitties.

Lester was curled up in a kitty bed.

5 thoughts on “Two Pickled Ladies

  1. Nice ladies! The Winding Ways are lurking in the background….. I was looking at all the possiblities with them last night.
    Smudge looks so comfy!
    Stay warm, it’s 3 degrees here and expecting heavy snow tonight unless the weatherman didn’t get it right!


  2. The photos in the last couple of your blogs posts are heavenly eye candy!…. It would be very hard to pick a favorite! …. And, of course, Smudge and Lester…. lovely as always… 🙂


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