Stormy Seas Block 8

The eighth block is finished.  It didn’t take long, as I had already put the units together and really had only 2 long seams to stitch.  My wrist felt much better on Wednesday, although I am going to try to not push it for another couple of days. While I’m dying to haul out the bin with the brights and other appropriate prints for the baby quilt idea I have, I’m resisting it as I don’t think it’s going to take much to set this off again.

All the pieces for the remaining Stormy Seas blocks are sorted and in individual glassine envelopes.  Something tells me I need to find a larger box for them or get half a dozen of these blocks made up rather quickly.  The box seems as though it’s rather overflowing at the moment.

I was looking for a two-fabric applique pattern last night that I’ve had tucked away for a while.  When I started reorganizing a few months ago, I put it and the other applique patterns like it somewhere.  But where that somewhere might be has become a puzzle.  I searched and searched and couldn’t find it.  I remember putting them all in one spot … somewhere.  It looks as though I’ll be through with work sometime early next week for the balance of the year.  Perhaps I’d better have another go at reorganizing, and when I put things in “safe spots” I’m thinking I need to keep a list in a notebook of just where those safe spots might be!

Smudge is much more active, playing with toys and having the odd mock battle with Lester.  And treating us to poses like this, showing off his paws.

Lester was also showing off his huge paws while he relaxed on the couch.

9 thoughts on “Stormy Seas Block 8

  1. I just love the deep saturated colors in this block. Fabulous!! Don’t you just hate when you can’t find something? Unfortunately, that happens to me more than I care to admit. I am sure you will find it though! Both kitties look quite happy and content today!


  2. Oh Cathi, I had to laugh at this post. I do the same thing. I think someone moves things from my “safe” places just to toment me LOL.



  3. I have some of those “safe” places too!! And I’ve never found them either. I have threatened to have a notebook that I write where I put things but I haven’t done it yet.


  4. Glad to see Sumdge is so much better, those paws do really attract our attention don’t they. I to have several ‘Safe’ places and one I think is located in another dimention! every once in a while it re-appears to tantalise me. I am convinced that the cats know how to get to it though. Good luck with the wrists. the storm at sea blocks look pretty.


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