Stormy Seas

Back in March, when the Inklingo Storm at Sea collections came out, I made this block and had a plan for a quilt using these 4 fabrics.

Why I’ll never know, but I didn’t sketch out my idea or make any notes about it. But, wanting to get the fabric cut and ready to print on the weekend, I sat down Saturday afternoon and tried to remember what I had in mind when I purchased the initial 4 fabrics.  I spent ages trying to sort out just what that plan was but finally realized that, whatever that initial idea was, it’s not going to happen.  Whatever it was I had in mind, I certainly didn’t buy enough of 2 of the batiks.  So I spent hours working on two different ideas, sorting out just how much of each fabric was needed for both those design ideas.  By Saturday evening, it was down to the point of calculating if I had enough square yardage of each fabric — and it went on and on. So instead of playing with needle and thread, I was working out fabric requirements with the calculator.

The pieces of paper headed “Monkey’s Inklingo Cheat Sheet” are invaluable when working out a quilt design and come with each collection as well as are available to download at the Inklingo Web site.  Once I get my design sorted out, I can make a note of exactly what size of fabric/freezer paper I need for each shape/each colour and am off to the races.  I use the cheat sheets all the time and keep them filed in an accordion folder with my freezer paper.  The four cheat sheets seen here, however, are destined for the recycling bin as neither idea is going to fly.

When I finally realized that neither idea would work with the initial 4 fabrics alone, I gave up for the evening.  On Sunday afternoon, I started going through batiks and pulled out some other blues and a green.  Now I know exactly what I’m going to do with these 11 fabrics and, with any luck, will have all the shapes I need for the stormy seas blocks printed sometime this week.  The only decision left to be made now is just how large I want to make the Storm at Sea quilt.  Once that’s decided I can have my cheat sheet filled out in no time.

We were about to go out somewhere on the weekend, and I had left my purse on the couch for a minute.  I think this look says Smudge was hoping we were off to the pet store for kitty food and toys.

Lester was having some quiet time on the windowsill, although there isn’t much activity now for him to watch other than flying leaves.

13 thoughts on “Stormy Seas

  1. Don’t you just hate that when you begin something and put it away, then months later pull it back out only to have forgotten your original intent? Arghhhh… But at least now you are on the right track and it is a beauty of a block!! Looking forward to seeing this one go together.


  2. I agree, it will really shine with the extra fabrics you selected. It may be a lot of work but I think it’s fun to do the calculating….must be my accounting background LOL.



  3. A Storm at Sea quilt is on my long-term, someday-to-make list. Love that block! You better check & make sure Smudge didn’t swipe a credit card for online yougurt, cat toy, and treat ordering LOL!


  4. I love the fabric colors. Very Stormy! Smudge looks like he is guarding the purse. He knows where is goodies come from. Lester’s chest fluff is growing again. His hair looks longer….You can tell he feels better.



  5. I agree with Wanda, it’ll look more interesting with a greater variety of fabrics 😉 being of the “why use one when you can use 20 fabric” school :))
    Beautiful kitties 🙂


  6. Beautiful block Cathi – and the fabrics choice looks just perfect. You must be so organinised with all your projects. It really lovely to watch the progress with all the wonderful things you do.


  7. I hate when I can’t remember what my plan was for some fabrics. Inevitably I remember after I’ve started doing something else with them.

    But I love the colors and the blocks should turn out beautifully!


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